Kara & Adam's 1930s-inspired aviation history wedding

A wedding in an aviation museum is one thing, but this couple added in some amazing 1930s details that take it to another level. We're talking photos that totally suggest Casablanca, complete with a Humphrey Bogart-style groom in a white jacket. The air mail-toting flower girls, the "Adventure Book," and a spectacular venue space just make it all that much more awesome.


A 1920s-era vintage wedding in a 19th-century Victorian house

In the mood for some fabulous vintage style? This wedding delivers. The bride, Courtney, gives us two dresses to satisfy our appetites: a lusciously beaded, green flapper-style number and a vintage 1920s dress with the actual accompanying headpiece, which we've been staring at covetously ever since we first saw it. There was even a photo shown at the wedding of the original bride wearing both pieces (look for it on the guest book table!).


Dorie & Justin's surprise elopement music video wedding

We've seen some kick-ass and adorable elopement vids, right? But rare is the time we get to see the actual reactions of the friends and family to seeing the video! And boy, let me tell you, get the tissues ready. For a wedding that totally combines the freedom of an elopement and the care of loved ones' feelings, check this one out.


A cerulean hillside paradise wedding in Slovenia

Now that is some scenery. Ivana and Drejc's Slovenian wedding in the countryside makes me want to run singing about the hills being alive with music. The scenery seriously has me gob-smacked. And Ivana's ocean blue ballerina-style dress adds just the right amount of fluffy whimsy. Candles lit up Ivana's and Drejc's childhood photos and a huge bonfire lit the dance party afterwards. We are so psyched to have our first Slovenian wedding on the site.


A fashionable and musical elopement under a giant oak tree

Oh, to be a sandwich with these people. They are totally gorgeous and had an equally gorgeous elopement under a huge-mongous oak tree in New Orleans. Krysten chose the destination and planned the trip since she loves NOLA, and Chris wrote the ceremony himself. They wanted, in their own words, "simplicity and fiscal solvency," so eloping just made perfect sense. To get the ceremony under that majestic tree, a little smooth talking was in order with a gruff groundskeeper!


Rachel & Bo's rockin' red and black wedding

There were a few very sweet moments in this wedding: mom walking her daughter down the aisle, friends singing at the ceremony, and a rockin' band playing for their friends at the reception. I also can't forget to mention the gorgeous red and black details like the bride's shoes (matching her hair!), black crinoline, and flower clutch. It all ends up being a fabulous music-filled day.


Sarah & Bryan's nerdy barn bash wedding

High fives all around for this wedding! They started with a mission statement of sorts, and stuck to it with style. From the canned preserves favors to the beverage tickets to the treat-before-you-seat, this couple made their guests feel welcome to their new family.


Rita Marie & Sergio's intimate celebration of marriage

Small and intimate weddings are often killer in that they let you focus on what and who really matters to you. This sweet and small wedding encapsulates that sentiment perfectly. They had a pre-wedding ring warming in their hometown in Texas and an eight-person ceremony and reception in San Francisco (which allowed the groom's mom to officiate!).


Jess & Martyn's inclusive budget-friendly wedding

This pair wanted LEGO details, a cow cake, an amazing green dress, and a VW van that may or may not make it to its destination, and nobody was getting in the way of those awesome plans. There may have been some hesitation from the peanut gallery, but once everyone saw the results, it was hard to argue that a good time was in store. OH, and the bride's bow and veil headpiece might just have made it to the top of my favorites list.