An amphitheater wedding in Colorado with gratuitous dog adorableness

Dayna and Jason's Colorado wedding had so much going for it: Dayna's short and sweet dress, Jason's Boston tie, their walk down the aisle together, the amphitheater setting with a view we can't even handle right now, and GRATUITOUS DOGGY SHOTS! This pooch is walking down the aisle, front-and-center at the ceremony, and then falling asleep in the middle. We are bowled over with cuteness. Then it's on to the reception where there's carb-loading and robin's egg centerpieces.


Elizabeth & Adam's rock 'n' roll destination beach wedding

Small, affordable, a vacation (and total party!), and all rock 'n' roll? That's a wedding we can handle! Add in a fabulous red and black vintage dress, some first-time parasailing, and some barefoot on the beach vows, and you'll be ready to sink your own feet in this wedding sand. Even a last-minute date change couldn't squash the fun.


An intimate Beverly Hills courthouse elopement featuring a whole lot of YELLOW

Cullie and Chris recently eloped at the Beverly Hills Courthouse with a celebration that placed a lot of emphasis on YELLOW and we're talking everything from the groom's tie to the bride's roses and carnations! Chris is a collector of graffiti art, and after the ceremony the couple wandered around West Hollywood to take photos against many of the area's fantastically-colored walls.


Holly & Fernando's teeny tiny Harry Potter renaissance festival wedding

Only a few weeks to prepare, only room for 12 guests… how can they make this work?! Oh, they so did. The small guest list totally fit this introverted couple's preferences, and the intimate space amid the hustle and bustle of a renaissance fest was fabulously adorable. Add in some Harry Potter colors (Ravenclaws represent!), an "Always" necklace, and "Mischief Managed" rings, and you've got the recipe to brew up a love potion for us all.


Werewolves, cemetery bridal photos, and skulls: a costume party disguised as a wedding

There is so much SWEET, sweet goodness in this wedding! Looking for a dancing astronaut? Here you go! Want to see a bride dressed as Little Red Riding Hood while being escorted by a wolf? Right here. There are also skull cake toppers, red polka-dot flats, and centerpieces featuring posts from various horror movies (including The Shining). Basically: it's a creeptastic Halloween wedding dreamscape.


Natalie & Mark's stress-free wedding in the Australian heat

We love this bride's black, lacy dress, the couple's totally stress-avoiding attitude, cake-cutting "grr" faces, and super awesome wedding party photo picnic idea. And for any of you dealing with hassles about losing weight for the wedding, this bride's rational and kick-ass method for dealing with it is a MUST-READ.