Janet & Joe's colorful tie-dye and dancing wedding

These two are children of the sixties, and what better way to celebrate the decade and their love of color than by having a TIE-DYE WEDDING? It's like a rainbow exploded and left everyone super happy and covered in color. They tossed tie-dyed bears, had a choreographed dance to their song (well, almost!), and tons of tie-dyed decor. Put on your shades for this one — it's wild!


It's a New York elopement complete with carousel for these two brides

Leana and Ally hail from Florida, but they chose to elope to New York City for their wedding last July. They said their vows in Brooklyn Bridge Park, with a jaw-dropping view of the NYC skyline. After teary kisses (sigh, my favorite), Leana and Ally trotted all over the city with photographer Sascha Reinking in tow. Chelsea Market, the Highline, the Meatpacking District… and what New York elopement is complete without a photo or two in Grand Central?

But, while every photo of these two loving New York City is fun and gorgeous, I absolutely love that they took a few minutes to chill on a carousel. Fucking magical.


Pastel lace and Billie Holiday for a couple of classy Denver brides

Michelle and Angela did the coordinating-but-not-matching thing at their wedding in Denver last August. A lace cocktail dress for one, a lace skirt with button-up and a frickin' slick jacket for the other. Hints of tattoos peek here and there from both. I'm personally loving the dual Marilyn-Monroe pose with both brides fighting against the wind! CYUTE. But Michelle and Angela weren't the only ones on their style game that day — their officiant rocked a clerical collar and stole with jeans, boots, and a sleeveless shirt perfect for showing off tattoos.


Martha & Daniel's low-impact redwoods wedding (with many pretzels!)

Pretzels, a German cup ceremony, and astronauts — what do these things have in common? If you said this locally-focused and low-impact wedding in a super eclectic venue, you were right. Plus, you'll also get some ultra valuable advice about pre-marital counseling. And don't forget to spy the burlesque dance at the reception!