Anna & Charles' intimate vegan ice skating wedding

A wintry wedding in Paris with ice skating in the Grand Palais? Can you even stand it? Well, get ready for even more shivers and giggles when you hear how they started off their end-of-vows kiss, how the groom enthused about the joys of marriage (oh, and how he consented to being married!). There are origami cranes, gorgeous Parisian views, and the sweetest little couple ever.


EJ & Nathan's horror movies and octopodes beach wedding

Let me just lay this right here: a tentacle aisle, tentacle bouquets, a pineapple print dress, fold-out fan programs, horror movie centerpieces, and a flesh-eating martian owlopus. You read that right. Oh, and some sage advice meant for a pre-teen that totally applies to all of us. Let us know if you spot the MINGLO, too!


Steph & Mark's 1950s rockabilly wedding

We love us some rockabilly chic, and this wedding has got the goods. Classic cars, victory rolls, a tattoo-inspired cake, and a handmade black retro dress. Add in the wise-cracking brother who walked the bride down the aisle and some sweet family memorial photos, and you've got the recipe for a family-focused good time.


Jessica & Andrew's dance party barn wedding

We know ya'll love some paper flowers, and this crafty barn wedding totally fits the bill for DIY fun. But it's the ceremony that gets us sniffling. It's got a super cute start, a meaningful unity ceremony, and a big, joyful hug at the end. We saved the best for last, though: groomsman getting naked on the dance floor. It's a must-see.


Pink and orange with heart-shaped sammies on top

I'm in love with these geeks in love and their wedding in Arizona. And with their pink and orange happy-pants color scheme. And with the bride's tea-length dress that shows off her ink (that also matches the peacocks strutting around. AND we love their tiered Rice Krispy treat cake. My relationship with it is getting serious. We may be thinking a marshmallow/me marriage. I think you'll love it, too, so make yourself a heart-shaped PB&J, get to scrolling, and take it all in.


Charlie & Quinten's barefoot faux-forest indoor picnic wedding

Tons of handmade pillows, hay bales, leaves, and picnic blankets — it must be an outdoor wedding, right? Nope! But it may as well be. Due to some wet weather, these two brought the outdoors in for a green and brown faux-forest wedding. Even the flower girl and ring bearer got in on the theme action. Chalk up some bare feet, some lovely poetry, and a big ol' party, and you're ready for forest-y fun indoors.


Tatica & Richzendy's Venezuelan gamer wedding

Ooh, our first wedding featured in Venezuela! And it couldn't be more awesome. The scenery is too die for (despite being the coldest part of the country), the hair and fashion is kick-ass, and the lightsaber cake-cutting is hilarious. It all took place where the Yavin 4 location was filmed for Star Wars IV. As it says, "Great events happened here on Yavin 4." Oh, and just wait until you hear what the priest kept doing at the ceremony!


Lizbeth & Rip's friendor-fueled dive bar wedding

With an unofficial theme of "friends helping out," you can just imagine how much everything must have meant to this pair. Feel the lurve! Plus, they had awesome, philanthropic tamales at their favorite dive bar to end the celebration. And an interesting lesson was learned, too: sometimes trying too hard to avoid stress actually ends up being stressful in itself!