Kitten and Lou's drag king weds burlesque queen extravaganza

Susanna and Ricki, aka Kitten and Lou, are a drag king and a burlesque queen in lurve. After meeting on stage and falling in love while performing in an Atomic Bombshells revue, they have become the world's showbusiest couple. Since Washington passed Referendum 74, they knew it was time to get hitched… in some serious style. A little camp, a lot of glam, and a hell of a lot of performances, it is a confetti and balloon-festooned show not to be missed.


6 unique wedding venues that are going to make you wet your pants a little

As you may have heard, the Lovesick Expo is embarking on a nationwide tour alongside our professional besties at Offbeat Bride. Our goal has always been to bring the most creative couples and wedding vendors together under one roof to show the best, most creative wedding talent in each city — beyond the Google searches and reality TV shows. Since you may be on the venue hunt, and we've already done the legwork by scouring New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, and Denver, we thought we'd put together this little profile of six of the best venues in the nation!


From Seattle to Mexico, why you'll want Jonas Seaman to photograph your wedding day

It's no secret that Offbeat Brides love Jonas Seaman. In fact, our longtime sponsor Jonas Seaman has shot many of your weddings in the Pacific Northwest — where he's based — and beyond. For those of you who DON'T know of the magic that is Jonas Seaman's wedding photography, let us educate you on said magic. Who knows, you just may be the next couple to fly him out to YOUR wedding location…