A sunny picnic wedding with lawn games and love

Carly BishThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them sent over this stunning, sun-soaked picnic wedding and we ate it up. But when we found out that it was held at her childhood home, we knew it was really special to her. See, Carly's brother married Kristin. Kristin's sister, Chaitra (the bride), met and married one of Carly's brother's best friends since childhood, Ryan (the groom). So their meeting (and loving) was inevitable. Sweet story aside, let's get on to the deets: lots of DIY decor, handmade fascinators, picnic blankets as reception tables, lawn games, ribbon wands (perfect for the nearby kitteh)… it's your own virtual vacation.


Why Seattle's Jonas Seaman should be your wedding photographer and new best friend!

You guys have totally heard Ariel and Megan wax poetic about Seattle-based wedding photographer, and longtime sponsor Jonas Seaman. But now it's my turn to gush too, and I just can't help myself: homeboy is GOOD and we feel like he's our collective best friend. Let's take a sec to gawk at the most recent photography offerings from Jonas and his lady love/co-shooter Mary. Then let's discuss how they can rock YOUR wedding day and become your new best friends as well…