From Seattle to Mexico, why you'll want Jonas Seaman to photograph your wedding day

It's no secret that Offbeat Brides love Jonas Seaman. In fact, our longtime sponsor Jonas Seaman has shot many of your weddings in the Pacific Northwest — where he's based — and beyond. For those of you who DON'T know of the magic that is Jonas Seaman's wedding photography, let us educate you on said magic. Who knows, you just may be the next couple to fly him out to YOUR wedding location…


Announcing dates and locations for the Lovesick Expo! Are we coming to YOUR town?

Attention 2014 couples! You may remember our announcement a couple months back, but for those of you who don't know, we've teamed up with The Lovesick Expo to feature an elite array of local talent and unique wedding ideas appealing to indie-minded couples. Lovesick Expos are amazing — guy-friendly, same-sex-friendly and actually really fucking fun. (How fun? Read this: I went to an alt-wedding expo, and lived to tell the tale.)

Today we're finally ready to announce all the dates and cities for the 2014 Lovesick Expos! Are we going to mingle with you (…or work with you?) at any one of these sweet-ass events?


Heather & Johnathan's nerdy summer picnic wedding

These two had some interesting dilemmas: managing expectations from a very Catholic family and a not-so-Catholic family, balancing the needs of disabilities and the recovery community, and having a super low budget. But we can all learn from this bride's kick-ass attitude about keeping things accessible and authentic! Plus, we're totally behind any wedding that ends with a D&D campaign.


Amy & Adam's dancey boathouse sunset wedding

Want to learn about prioritizing, using a rad iPod playlist as your DJ, how to prepare for too much ceremony crying, and how to trade for a day-of coordinator? This wedding is your primer! Plus, you get to bask in the glow of the sunset-drenched photos at a gorgeous boathouse venue in Seattle.