High-five a guest at this couple's distillery wedding in Seattle

Double the brides meant double the proposal stories for Kathryn and Jennifer's wedding last summer. Photographer Tracie Howe let us know that the couple met online (just before Kathryn closed her dating account!), proposed to each other, and got married at the Fremont Mischief Distillery. Apparently it was the distillery's first wedding — way to take the lead, ladies! Let me join your wedding guests in high fives all around.


Alysha & Geb's "actors in love" superhero wedding

It's a bird, it's a plane… it's Offbeat Bride's comic book-clad and caped superhero theme week! Get in the telephone booth and change into your wedding-gawking superhero tights — you're in for crime-fighting fun. This time we've got two actors who fell in love on the stage and wanted to celebrate it superhero-style. Get ready for singing and dancing bridesmaids, a whole lotta Hanson music, and the return of… THE UNITY SANDWICH!


Absolutely stunning art awaits you at this glass-blowing studio wedding

Native to South Caroline, Tammy and Patrice eloped to Washington, marrying each other at Seattle Glassblowing Studio. Photographer Jeanne Phinney credits officiant Elaine Way with organizing a lot of the wedding's details, particularly the unique ceremony. The couple signed a handmade ketubah they had brought with them and, with the help of studio artisans, created a custom piece of blown glass for their unity ritual! I'm loving how focused the artist is while the couple snuggles in the background. Sexy, artsy, romantic.


These two grooms bring new meaning to dapper finery

The ability to turn up one's cuffs just so is an enviable skill. This and other hints of impeccable style were evident at Russell and Cord's Seattle wedding last October. Married in a small ceremony at The Sanctuary, the couple helped each other get ready for the day. Adorableness awaits you in the photos, with the gentlemen adjusting each other's ties, showing off colorful socks, and messing with cufflinks.