Danielle & Davey's participatory vegan bike parade wedding

When the whole party arrives in bike parade style, it's sure to be a kick-ass and casual celebration. With the Georgetown Ballroom as the backdrop to both the ceremony and the reception, two bands and a DJ, a zine creation station, and a drawing contest, there wasn't anyone without something awesome to do. And since these two are all about community, everything was crafted with love by friends and fam.


Seattle's Sunshine Charlie and the wedding photography social experiment that just might completely change your wedding

Sunshine Charlie — a wedding photographer based in not-so-sunshiney Seattle. She's also the (crazy/genius) mind behind her "Pay what you think it's worth" photography offer/social experiment. To learn more about Nicole, her work, and her amazing social experiment that is both delighting brides and shocking photographers everywhere, keep reading…


Jessica & Eric's West Coast music festival-meets-traditional wedding

A gown with gorgeous plumage, winged children, naughty ring bearers, and a leg lamp cake that actually lit up! If that isn't enough to grab you, there were scantily clad performers covered in food. WUT! Oh, and see if you can spy a certain Offbeat Bride staffer among the guests. OH: there is also a slightly NSFW photo. Be warned (and titillated).


Moss-covered trees and tiny bees at this orange and green wedding

Seattle's Urban Light Studios was the setting of this colorful and subtly bee-themed wedding in Seattle. With lovely moss-covered foliage and chic decor, this event had tons of class and lots of eclectic touches… plus a stuffed lion. And since it was held in April, it makes the perfect addition to our spring theme week.


Katy & Aaron's forest handfasting and dance party wedding

When an intimate forest ceremony becomes a Renaissance-inspired dance party reception, it's been a good day. The bride handmade books as favors, had tiny terrariums as centerpieces, and they served pumpkin pie, too. So far so good. But the addition of a cardboard deer head is the icing on the cake.