These gamers had a Fallout-themed wedding with the most fab rainbow dress

Are you ready for the brightest rainbow dress we've ever seen? How about a Fallout: New Vegas-themed photo shoot with a killer wedding party? This 1950s-inspired post-apocalyptic Fallout-themed wedding is the bomb (pun intended). The purple hair, the rainbow dress, the checkered coat, the awesome venue… we can't even with this wedding.


This junk shop rodeo wedding slays with country meets glam style

The multi-hued hair, the awesomely eclectic venue, the super glam and gorgeous couple — this two-ceremony wedding is the perfect combination of vintage style and glamorous visuals. If you're a more private couple, you definitely want to see how they split up their ceremony.

Get to know the Seattle wedding photographers with the "anti-stranger-danger" business model (plus a special discount!)

I get it. Unless you're super-close friends with a photographer, choosing the right random stranger to shoot your wedding is a high stakes choice! What if I told you our sponsor Diwas Photography has a built-in "anti-stranger danger" business model? What was that noise? Was it the sound of your anxiety letting up? I bet. Let me and some of their past clients ease your wedding photographer hiring anxiety a little bit more by telling you about their special discount for our readers…