Get to know the Seattle wedding photographers with the "anti-stranger-danger" business model (plus a special discount!)

I get it. Unless you're super-close friends with a photographer, choosing the right random stranger to shoot your wedding is a high stakes choice! What if I told you our sponsor Diwas Photography has a built-in "anti-stranger danger" business model? What was that noise? Was it the sound of your anxiety letting up? I bet. Let me and some of their past clients ease your wedding photographer hiring anxiety a little bit more by telling you about their special discount for our readers…


The wonderful world of Wai-Ching's edgy, organic, and fiercely colorful wedding dresses

Hailing from Seattle (via Chicago, Hong Kong, and France) Chrissy specializes in making custom silk wedding dresses that not only astonish, but somehow project the celebratory nature of your wedding itself. Using hand-dyed silks, each dress is custom made to meet your tastes and curves, ensuring that your wedding dress is truly one of a kind. How does she accomplish such a thing for people all over the globe? We're not exactly sure. (Magic maybe?) But these brides might offer some insight…


A canoe entrance, a dock jump, and a breastfeeding mama round out this fab camp wedding

Gus and Ria were married at Camp Moran State Park on Orcas Island, where they camped and partied hard. Some of our favorite parts include the couple's son Harlan breastfeeding before the wedding, the canoe entrance to the ceremony, and the joyous dock jump after! They quite literally took the plunge. The reception had dancing, s'mores, and even some skinny-dipping. All is right with this wedding.


Seattle is gaining a stellar photographer in Bri McDaniel (and get in on her "day in the life" shoots that give us MAJOR feels)

You guys may remember our rad sponsor, Bri McDaniel Photography, from such amazingly gorgeous weddings as Andrea and Dedrick's in the Smoky Mountains and when Jenny married Jake in the shirt she wore on their first date. Our girl knows her way around a camera and an offbeat wedding. Today we've got huge news for our west coast readers: Bri is moving from Atlanta to take on Seattle! Let's see what makes her tick and how this move is AWESOME for us.