Stacia & Kevin's space-y Groundhog Day wedding with a ring bear

Our favorite member of the wedding party, the RING BEAR, returns! This time inside a space-y sci-fi-themed wedding in Seattle that includes sci-fi save-the-dates, Thai catering, and space grab bag favors. These high school sweethearts and their team of "Groundhoggers" totally know how to party (and awesomely get kicked out of the after party!).


Sarah & Mark's BBQ in a barn with a big bear brawl

Sometimes when you incorporate bears into your wedding theme, it begins Bear War I and somebody's going down. Thankfully, there was mucho honey favors, tons of pies (including whoopie), and the breaking of bread to get all the guests involved. Plus, the bride has some great advice on what she should have brought to the hotel!