This rockabilly-themed wedding is retro fabulous

This pair's kick-ass rockabilly-themed wedding had bold colors, fun style, and an all-around good time. They had a tattoo table with temporary tattoos, a personalized cornhole game, caricaturist, photo booth, popcorn, cupcakes, DIYed ribbon wands, and a guitar guest book. And just wait until you see the bridesmaid's retro floral dresses and persimmon shoes. LOVE!


Find the Downton Abbey dress of your vintage wedding dreams

If you're looking for a Downton Abbey dress to wear for or to a wedding, then blimey, you've come to to the right place. All of these dresses range from small to plus-sizes, and come in all kinds of color combos. Now, let's dress for dinner and find the Downton Abbey dress that'll make you clutch your pearls with joy…


This vintage travel-themed wedding is killing us with retro style

Growing up on opposite ends of the world, we always thought it was magical how fate brought us together in the same place at the same time. We decided on a vintage travel-themed wedding! From our flight attendant-inspired bridesmaids to our vintage airmail favors filled with candy from around the world, every detail was carefully selected to bring out the adventure of travel for our guests.


Watch 100 years of vintage ring styles in one short video

Mode's most recent 100 Years of Fashion video highlighting 100 years of vintage ring styles was pretty illuminating for those of us who are so used to seeing vintage rings that it's actually hard to remember from which era they originated. It might also make you realize how susceptible you might be to trends (I know I am!) AND why that's totally okay. Let's watch the vid and see what vintage ring styles are still popular today.