Sara & Mutt's retro handmade dive bar wedding

Vintage-loving couples: this is the wedding for YOU! A $50 fabulous vintage dress, an entire wedding party looking straight out of the '50s, and a VINTAGE CAR PARADE… get your eyeballs on this one, we're serious. Don't miss the surprise gift from the bride's parents, too. It's so appropriate.


Kelly & Jacob's retro carnival wedding

We've seen some amazing carnival weddings, but this one may be in contention for the most epic decor ever. We're talking popcorn, Cracker Jacks, pinwheels, faux flash tattoos, circus-themed centerpieces, a hot dog stand, a huge and gorgeous candy buffet, and a retro circus cage photo booth! It will make you want to hop on a ferris wheel and get hitched, vintage carnival-style.


Erin & Mark's retro, book-inspired, freethinking wedding

Book-lovers, Toronto-lovers, and gorgeous-wedding-lovers: follow me to your wedding bliss. Book page rose centerpieces, book cover programs and table numbers, library card place cards, and so many more bibliophile deliciousness abound. But the bride's way of dealing with her grief around planning may just bring a tear to your eye.


Harmony & Judah's '60s mod math and science wedding

The groom's polka-dotted shirt, the science-themed temporary tattoos, the giant chalkboard wall full of Feynman Lectures, the astronaut ice cream favors, the bride's retro dress — these are a few of my favorite things. Ground control to Major Tom: commencing countdown, engines on. Liftoff and see this science and 1960s mod wonderland of a wedding!


Karina & Taylor's vintage style, music, and zombies wedding

This music-loving pair reunited at a concert and got engaged at a concert! Music is in their bones. But don't forget their love of vintage style and of course… zombies! It's a wild mix of styles that all seem to make total sense once you see it. Their solution to a grounds mishap on the venue property is pretty genius. But don't miss the adorable hot air balloon centerpieces and Shaun of the Dead cake, too. It's uh… got a little red on it.


Stephanie & James' Snow White meets Americana retro wedding

A float-y princess gown, some retro stylings, a few train-lover photos, and much much adorableness abounds at this Aussie wedding. We also love the carriage ride, the DIY bits an bobs, and of course, the rainbow sprinkle cake! Add in the blended cultural group dance and impromptu "stair-tripping" game, and you're in for an easy-going and rad time for all (even if they had to smoosh 130 people into a ceremony space meant for 50!).


Lara & Hunter's tea party wedding with feathers and hats

Teapots, cucumber sandwiches, and cake on the best man's face? It's a tea party wedding turned upside down. Add in fancy hats, a retro venue, and a wild dance party, and you've got this sweet little wedding in Washington. And when it comes to this bride's hat, there was nothing to do but put a bird on it!