Wedding registry ideas for the cooking-challenged: The must-have kitchen items

We recently had long-term house sitters who found our kitchen very much lacking in basic amenities. So I asked them what our kitchen needed. They turned around and said… basically, everything.

If you are also cooking-challenged, and want to use your newly married lives as an excuse to start learning how to use your kitchen, here are the things that a newbie should register for…

Noir registry gifts for those who long for a darker color than black

Are you the type who loves to wear black and sees the world through sleek goth lenses? These noir registry gifts should definitely be added to your wedding registry. From goth-inspired playing cards to black Post-Its to sleek black candles, these are the gifts that will make your home (or your friends' homes!) look chic as hell.

High tech registry gifts for the early adopting gadget lover

If you're engaged, you're probably having to start a wedding registry. If this is you, and you're not down with getting a new toaster or a handmade tea cozy, this list may be for you. That is if you're into techie goodies like speakers, keyless entry, robot vacuums, and robo toilets. Stop and smell the fresh aluminum with these sleek and fun high tech registry gifts to add to your registry. Oh, and that first item? Total wishlist for all of us, amirite?