My son has an alcohol problem. How do I handle him with an open bar at the wedding?

I appreciated your article about how to handle a abusive/misbehaving wedding guest. I am getting married next year and I have a son with an drug and alcohol problem. I cannot uninvite him but need tips on how to handle him. He is fine until he starts drinking and there is no way that we can keep him from drinking since we are having an open bar.

I was considering hiring someone to attend to watch him and, as soon as gets boorish, place him in an cab and send him home. Where do I find a babysitter?


Marita & Loren's backyard Sunday queer and trans wedding

We love the focus on accessibility and inclusion in this wedding! It's no wonder their community was so willing to come together and make this sweet backyard wedding a reality. With amazing poetry, a night-before intention setting and ring blessing gathering, and killer style (including a wooden bow tie!), this pair wins the internet today.


How can I discourage over-drinking at my reception?

Anyone have any good tips on preventing guest over-drinking at our reception? A dry wedding isn't what we're aiming for, but we have a few family members who tend to party a little too hardy for our tastes. We're still in the early stages of planning, but our bar will probably be at least partially open, since we have a lot of friends who are low on cash. Any ideas?