Instead of a receiving line, serve your guests dessert

Maybe receiving lines aren't your thing. You're looking for an alternative, perhaps, something a bit more informal. You should totally steal Elle and Bear's idea! Rather than ask their guests to wait in a line to say hi, the couple grabbed platters of muffins and took them around right after the ceremony.


Wedding survival guide for introverted couples

I'm in love with love and I love weddings. You'd think, then, that I would have been excited about the prospect of planning my wedding when I got engaged, but I wasn't. You see, I'm an introvert, and I'm closer to the extreme end of the spectrum. So, the idea of not only going to a party, but of planning a party in honor of my fiancé (who is also an introvert, albeit more social than I am) and me made us both want to run away screaming. After much reflection, however (see definition above), I came to a few conclusions that I thought I'd share in the hopes of helping fellow introverts deal with the idea of a wedding in their honor…