Queer femme hearts trans man: the legitimacy of love

Being fully, unapologetically ourselves comes with risks and can be both contentious and dangerous. We are violated, belittled, deprived of love, victimized, isolated and left wanting… both by larger systems and communities, and by people we thought we could trust. Amidst the pain or discomfort, we have to remember that there is hope.


Rachel & Russ' queer bluegrass brunch wedding

Did someone say "gorgeous outdoor lawn games and square dancing wedding?" Yeah, I just knew you were thinking about it. Well get on board with this one: croquet, cigars, bow ties, and the couple handing out ice cream. Plus, you'll love the ceremony structure and big ol' singalong at the end. To what song, you ask? RING OF FIRE!


Meredith & Ainsley's gingham and glitter wedding weekend

A survey for guest needs, customized snacks in your camp-style guest house, a nostalgia-themed lunch, a pool, trivia, and games all weekend? We are officially ultra-jealous of attendees of this wedding. This couple, who totally knows how to cater to their awesomely diverse community, managed to pull off a stellar wedding weekend full of love, hilarity, and choreographed dance moves.


Marita & Loren's backyard Sunday queer and trans wedding

We love the focus on accessibility and inclusion in this wedding! It's no wonder their community was so willing to come together and make this sweet backyard wedding a reality. With amazing poetry, a night-before intention setting and ring blessing gathering, and killer style (including a wooden bow tie!), this pair wins the internet today.


Betsy & Tiffany's queer Southern glitter circus wedding

Red and blue and DIY all over — these two ladies know how to throw a stylish and entertaining wedding! They included all of their talented community — performers and bakers alike — and their tribute to what their specific type of marriage means to them is tear-inducing and spot-on. And you MUST see one of the bride's mom's awesome, newly acquired aerialist skills! She's one bad-ass mother.


Val & Krys' Americana-style blues party

Two extremely organized ladies who know how to rock an Excel spreadsheet are bound to know how to prioritize their wedding needs. And that includes a fab open bar, natch. Add in the adorable guest book wedding quilt, the tiny tuxedo-ed pooch, hilarious drag king officiant, and snazzy wedding garb, and you've got this adorable San Fran wedding.


Raina & Michelle's elegant Disney + Star Wars wedding

We teased this Disney-meets-Star Wars wedding last week and you guys demanded to see MOAR! From their hand-cut rainbow ketubah, Disney and Star Wars mashup decor, lightsaber cake cutters, "Unbreakable Vow" ring book, and overall makes-me-want-to-hug-them adorableness, you're going to luuuurve it. Oh, and wait until you see how they memorialized their passed loved ones at the ceremony. It didn't go quite as planned!