Best mutts & dresses tried on: a clever wedding program by the numbers

Try to figure out your favorite part of this hand-designed and super clever wedding program. Is it the illustrated order of events? The best mutts as a feature? The list of "firsts?" Or is it the details by the numbers (how many dresses tried on, cities explored, photos taken…)? I'll bet you can't even decide!

Programs are never required, but damn, when they're this awesome, they become hard to toss out. I imagine these became mementos and future program inspiration immediately.


I solemnly swear these DIYed Harry Potter programs are up to no good

We've got a geektastic Harry Potter and Star Wars wedding coming up this week, but I seriously couldn't wait to share the DIYed Marauders' Map programs made by the bride, Andrea, herself. They took over 40 hours to make by hand and it shows. The Harry Potter programs opened in three different directions to reveal the sequence of events at the ceremony and a special thank you message from the couple.

Are you seeing the footprints pointing at "Processional?" So flippin' adorable. Fellow Potterphiles: are you not entertained?! Let's peek at the rest of these Harry potter programs at Andrea and Ron's wedding. Stay tuned for the rest of the wedding (including floral R2-D2!) later this week…