Jesse & Ben's potluck backyard hippie handfasting

When you're in the mood to kick tradition out, this is the celebration to see: a non-legal backyard solstice potluck with a VERY participatory ceremony, personal tattoos instead of rings, and a super sweet memorial for the groom's father. These adorable hippies knew what they wanted and embraced it full-on. And we get to see it all come together!


Laura & Jason's rainbow sacred circle potluck wedding

With a desire to keep things eco-friendly, unplugged, and ultra-fun, this outdoor celebration totally embraces low-key loveliness. Add in some rainbow decor, a wildly-dressed and winged games master, and even a talent show, and you've got yourself totally accessible party fun times for all ages.


Lauren & Joshua's rainy potluck wedding

This pair trekked north to New Hampshire to celebrate with far-flung family, but also to spend their wedding dollars on a state and vendors that support marriage equality. Plus, it's just damn pretty there! And when a rainy ceremony or guest list drama comes creeping in, this bride knows how to handle it: channel the bad-ass honey badger.


Lauren & BJ's technicolored globally-inspired wedding

This couple has many ties to India and Tibet and decided to bring in some of the traditions they love from their travels into their amazing and colorful wedding. Plus, you'll never guess where the bride finally found her awesome red dress (after tons of searching!). And get ready for their game of Aeki Beki, which involves coins, rings, and a bowl of milk. Go see what it's all about!


Mariangela & Ryan's beach brunch vow renewal

This pair are celebrating more than 14 years of happy marriage: they're also celebrating a big change in faith. They started this new path with a beach-side ceremony and brunch-style potluck. They had singers at the ceremony, a sunny ceremony in a rainy day, and an epic and romantic beach run a la Dudley Moore and Bo Derek.


Toni & Mark's Civil War costumed picnic wedding

With a love for Civil War reenactment, it was no surprise that this couple and their friends were totally down for a period costume picnic. Add in tons of help from those friends and family with a potluck pulled pork feast, and you've got a community-supported party in the making. You'll also want to hear the story of the groom saving the bride from a rogue box fan.