Serena & Chris's pirates-meets-renfest forest wedding

Serena & Chris based the the theme of their wedding around what they wanted to wear. Serena didn't want a traditional white dress. She wanted a dark green fairy looking dress and Chris did not want to be stuck in a penguin suit. So they designed their wedding around their ideal outfits.


Carla & Jon's intimate and enchanted forest wedding

Carla & Jon had an enchanted forest wedding in an incredibly magical looking hobbit house shaped like a gnomish hat! However, due to California's legislated exclusion of gay marriage they chose not to get legally married until they were in the more fair-minded state of Iowa!


Angel & Dave's old-school glamour, "Dangelous" backyard wedding

Instead of choosing a theme, Angel & Dave just went with what they wanted. It resulted in a red, black and silver themed outdoor wedding in Angel's grandparents' backyard. The funniest part was when their son Trent interrupted the ceremony by making laser noises with a big stick and said, "Don't worry mommy, I busted all the ghosts." Adorable!