Guests create What Love Looks Like art at this urban LGBT wedding in Denver

The minimalistic gallery let the rest of the wedding shine with an indoor/outdoor ceremony (thank you, garage doors!), bits of orange everywhere (including actual oranges in the flower vases!), DIY felt owls as favors, and a raffle for a trivia game. But my favorite part is hands down the ladies' ridiculously cool photo wall. Christina and Myf had asked their guests to give them a photo of what they thought love looked like, and the couple displayed the photos on a huge gallery wall with a sign that read "What Love Looks Like."


A playful backyard-style wedding complete with a Harry Potter bouquet, taquitos, and a piñata

Are you ready for endless smiles and glee? Because Elba and Brad's Walnut Creek, California wedding is going to send 'em on over. These two got married at the Shadeland Ranch Museum and had one of the brightest, most colorful and fun weddings around — the festivities included freeing candy from a star-shaped piñata and drinking tons of home brewed beer (the photographer tells us it was amazing).


Anais & Ira's low-key handmade crafty wedding

One way to bond over the wedding is to get everyone and their mother involved in the tiny details. That's exactly what this couple did, and it made planning a little more sane than it could have been. With paper and knitted flowers, an all-vegan-plus-pork menu, and lots of woodsy and crafty details, you know a lot of heart (and probably sweat) went into this wedding. Oh, and don't forget to pour one out for the missing home-brewed beer that could have been.