How to snag celeb-level wedding photography (& AMAZING storytelling and wedding albums!)

Ryan and Jenn of LA-based photography studio Rawtography have been Offbeat Bride partners for AGES and we never stop being in awe of their work when it comes our way. They are experts in both still photography AND videography so they can craft a package for you that totally works for your wedding. They're masters at photojournalistic style that will give you the STORY of your wedding as well as beautiful, frame-able portraits.


Here's why wedding photography can absolutely be transcendent art

We've talked to a lot of photographers who love to stretch their artistic muscles and push boundaries in their art. There's skill in finding those shots that have the Golden Ratio or that channel the Fibonacci Sequence. The photo that transcends into art due to a interesting composition, magical color combinations, or, let's face it, mad skills in Photoshop.

We reached out to our stellar vendor community to see what kinds of wedding photography as art we could showcase. They did NOT disappoint.


The NSFW wedding photo that blew the internet's mind

Did y'all catch the wedding that blew up (hee hee) the interwebs last week? Of COURSE when a news source wants to talk about a blow job wedding photo they hit up Offbeat Bride for a quote. And man, did Ariel give them a mouthful (hee hee)…


Is my wedding photographer hiding us from her portfolio?

I was married last year. We were happy with our photographer, and pre-booked an upcoming summer time family shoot with her. Now, six months after the wedding, I've realized that she hasn't posted any of our engagement, bridal or wedding photos to her website or social media.

I have noticed that I'm not nearly as thin or stereotypically pretty as many of her other brides and I can't help but be a little offended. Now I'm wondering if I should find a new photographer for our family photos — one who maybe appreciates our personal style a little more?

Can we book a last-minute wedding photographer for our elopement?

My partner and I want to elope, but he's not one for planning ahead. I love his spontaneity, but it doesn't allow for things like hiring an awesome photographer to capture our day for us. How do we go about finding a last-minute wedding photographer on short notice? Or should we plan for a post-wedding photo shoot instead?