Time Warping, happy dads, and much celebrating with Liz Daley Events — the Virginia DJ who doesn't suck

Liz Daley calls herself a Wedding Entertainment Director — what does that mean? Well, that's her fancy title for "a DJ who doesn't suck." If that's exactly what you're searching for in the Virginia area, then you'll want to learn more about our sponsor Liz Daley Events, because she's more than just "a DJ who doesn't suck." Liz is the total package when it comes to wedding entertainment, and all that it entails.


Get the best photo booth pics EVER with California's Out of the Booth

Californians looking for an awesome addition to their wedding reception are gonna be stoked by our sponsor Out of the Booth. This ain't no laptop setup, nor is it a hard-to-use all-in-one photobooth. Out of the Booth is a run by a professional photographer who interacts with your guests — evoking funny, sassy, and silly expressions and scenarios. Which, we all know, make for the very bestest photos!


The wedding day Shenanigans Box: "look ridiculous in the best way"

Once our reception got into full swing, we whipped out what we call "The Shenanigans Box." The shenanigans box is a staple among our big family of friends. Whenever we throw parties or go out to karaoke bars, etc., we bring a giant box of silly adornments — blow-up toys, silly hats, funny glasses, and glow sticks. It makes ALL of our photos look ridiculous in the best way. I employed a few strategies for a successful shenanigans box…