Chris & Joe's dancing barefoot in the rain wedding

Want to hear about a totally relatable making-your-own-dress disaster story turned inspired-dress-buying-experience? The moral of this bride's tale is: do what you LOVE. This pair embraced that concept fully with their vintage-inspired, lovely detail-filled, and happiness-inducing wedding. It may have rained, but you know we love us some rainy wedding photos. This one is a must-see.


Bryne & Becky's penny-wise Humanist wedding

This wedding has beautiful DIY touches like sheet music wreaths, ceremony backdrop bunting, an adorable sweets table, and loads of super talented friendors. But it wasn't all cute touches and sentiment… there was also a zombie piñata, which revealed the groom's true feelings on them. And just wait until you see the sweet moments with the bride's father, too.


Drool over one last spooky wedding of the season with a corpse bride from Pennsylvania!

Okay, yes, we're moving away from the season of skeletons and spooks, BUT. I owe it to you all to show you this one last spooky glam wedding! Crissa made for an awesome corpse bride when she and TJ got married earlier this fall. She styled her own look, thanks in part to her grandmother's wedding dress, a skirt of her own, and some choice accessories from Lovechild Boudoir. TJ absolutely kept up with his own Victorian corpse groom costume, and Crissa's daughter joined in the fun as a sparkly princess.


A Dia de los Muertos wedding for the whole family

Kristin and Jon celebrated El Dia de los Muertos a bit early last year on a rainy day in late October. The couple got married at the Round Corner Cantina in Pennsylvania, surrounded by little cacti in pots, tiny skulls, and a particularly spooky cake. Most of these details you'll see in the photos are El Dia de los Muertos or Mexican artifacts that Kristin and Jon already had in their home.

Both Kristin and Jon had been married before, so this small, relatively informal celebration wrapped up a few key wishes: one venue that had everything from drinks to food (hello, taco bar adaptable to dietary restrictions); a colored dress (Kristin's bright red dress is UHmazing); and Kristin's son walked her down the aisle. Awwwwwww!


Philadelphia's Allebach Photography is booking in your neighborhood (and has TWO discounts)

Philly-based photographer Mike Allebach of Allebach Photography is one guy you've likely already heard us rave about before. Around these parts, he's been known to totally rock the tattooed wedding market, and HALF of his bookings are same-sex couples. On top of it all, Mike has been partnering with us for over six years and has used his expertise to write some pretty boss posts for us.


Sing along with the bride and groom at their self-uniting, karaoke wedding

Brian and Rebecca opted for a small wedding in Philadelphia last November. They had no wedding party, and a friend MCed their self-uniting ceremony. Sounds quite cozy and intimate, yes? Prepare yourself to be blown away by the awesomeness that was their reception. Guests ate dinner from tiny white takeout boxes — complete with chopsticks — before belting out karaoke alongside Brian and Rebecca all night long.


Giovanna & Jonathan's colorful gamers and costumes wedding

When a Stormtrooper walks you down the aisle and Darth Vader is the flower girl, you know you're in for something geektastically awesome. Add in the video game details, the epic costume party, and the amazingly colorful reception dress, and it's on like Donkey Kong. Oh, and wait until you see their lightsaber candle ceremony!


Kari & Chris' artsy red and teal wedding

A grand mosaic art-piece venue, Mexican vegan menu, a swing-y retro dress, and some Curious George — this is one visually stimulating wedding! Rain may have added some last-minute scrambling, but when you see it, you'll know it was worth it. And don't miss the sand mishap in the unity ceremony!


Sarah & Troy's Beetlejuice-themed, epic FX movie wedding

You may have already seen the sneak peek of this wedding's head-shrinkingly amazing Beetlejuice decor, but you haven't seen anything yet! In addition to the sand worms, Handbooks of the Recently Deceased, and the sculptures from the movie. There were silly vows, a sweet father/daughter dance, and of course, the amazingly accurate Beetlejuice officiant that would give Michael Keaton a run for his money!


A vintage-inspired goth wedding featuring a whole lot of hats and a unicorn bride and groom

Serge and Ely wed in Pennsylvania at the Abington Art Center, which proved to be a most excellent backdrop for their vintage and goth-friendly wedding day. The bridesmaids were decked out in mismatched purple gowns, the groomsmen (and officiant!) donned top hats, and an adorable owl and beaver topped their cake. If you're a fan of costumes, you'll totally dig the unicorn mask that the bride and groom took turns wearing during the reception. Thanks to Offbeat Bride vendor Fun and Funky Wedding PhotographyThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them for sending these our way!