Lizbeth & Rip's friendor-fueled dive bar wedding

With an unofficial theme of "friends helping out," you can just imagine how much everything must have meant to this pair. Feel the lurve! Plus, they had awesome, philanthropic tamales at their favorite dive bar to end the celebration. And an interesting lesson was learned, too: sometimes trying too hard to avoid stress actually ends up being stressful in itself!


Rosie & Kerry's fantastical fairytale costume wedding

You guys, this wedding has got what you need: handmade Victorian garb, lolita bridesmaid dresses, a magician who performs a Punch and Judy show, and tons of costumes, including one Dobby the house elf! These theatrical folks know how to party, fantastic fairytale-style! Plus, this bride has some sage advice about taking on a lot of DIY projects.


Melissa & Scott's atypical Southern Rock 'Em Sock 'Em celebration

This Southern bride, her Southern family, and her Southern groom can tell you that we're not all the cowboy boot-wearing girls depicted on TV and not all of our weddings look like a scene from Steel Magnolias. And in this wedding, it looks like FUN! Board games (including Mystery Date!), a Low Country Boil, a grown-up flower girl, and a pretty sweet processional make this a whole other ball game.