A movies and food truck wedding that fills our flowers and pastel-loving hearts

This is one gorgeously rustic wedding between a filmmaker and photographer who love all things film, food trucks, and pastel colors. With lawn games, touching speeches, and a flowery vintage feel, Mary and Jeremy absolutely captured our hearts with this New Hampshire wedding. The apple orchard venue, Sunset Hill Orchard, was one hell of a backdrop, too. Don't miss the killer cupcake display and gold-toned movie-themed centerpieces, too!


You'll be blown away by this house boat wedding in the middle of the Utah desert

Doug and Keb had a seriously intriguing Utah desert wedding on a house boat. Water meets deserts meets two hot grooms! Lake Powell, Utah was the backdrop and was a nostalgic pick since there were many fond memories of family trips there. You'll definitely want to see the first look (including a "Damn you look good" line!), the gorgeous desert scenery, and the dapper dudes in killer suits. Our favorite part was when the groom's two children decided to walk their dad down the aisle despite that totally not being the plan!


A Renaissance fairy tale fantasy wedding

Let me introduce you to one of my fave kind of weddings: the Renaissance faire wedding! This one has it all: big turkey legs, a DRAGON CAKE, man braids, Ren faire garb, an Elsa-inspired dress, a horse-drawn carriage exit, a toast by the king and queen, and even a pike-arch entrance to the reception. This is royal as hell and we LOVE it.


5 things you might forget at your outdoor wedding

Outdoor wedding couples: we know you've got your amazing forest-friendly outfit, your rustic ceremony signs, and your best outdoor-wedding-rockin' attitude, but what are you forgetting? Here are the five things you just might forget at your outdoor wedding. When you're sans AC, hardwood floors, and the little things that make indoor weddings a little more controllable, you want to make sure you've got these things covered.