Sweet-ass candy wedding accessories at a special discount from Edible Weddings & More!

Holy delicious wedding accessories, Batman! A be-skulled, hot pink and black, lollipop bouquet? That's bad-ass. Our sponsor Edible Weddings & More — the maker of said bad-ass bouquet — has me seriously drooling over their sweet wares. If you've been thinking about using candy instead of — or along with — your wedding flowers, you NEED to see these options from Edible Weddings.


Jenni & Shaun's modern art museum spiral aisle wedding

Remember the spiral aisle that we featured? Here they are, along with tons of paper flowers (that look super real), a Banksy guest book, a secret handshake at the end of the ceremony, and of course, their completely awesome way to fix the problem of a lopsided guest list. Oh, and wait until you see the reception skits that included cardboard box masks with giant eyelashes!