Anais & Ira's low-key handmade crafty wedding

One way to bond over the wedding is to get everyone and their mother involved in the tiny details. That's exactly what this couple did, and it made planning a little more sane than it could have been. With paper and knitted flowers, an all-vegan-plus-pork menu, and lots of woodsy and crafty details, you know a lot of heart (and probably sweat) went into this wedding. Oh, and don't forget to pour one out for the missing home-brewed beer that could have been.


Kelley & Michael's beachside Hawai'ian elopement (with ring forging!)

Keeping a secret for a whole year? Not this couple's forte, but they did it! Planning a sweet and scenic Hawai-ian elopement with back-up plans for bad weather? That they can do! They powered through the secrecy and it was all worth it when they stood touching foreheads overlooking a craggy and fabulous beach as a married couple. Oh, and you'll never guess what Tolkien-esque wizardry went into their wedding rings!


Lady Zombie & Ali Fangsmith's romantic subculture bash with fangs, leather, and fur

If the title alone didn't already get you clickin' hardcore to see this wedding, let me fill you in a little bit more: leather corsets (well, leather everywhere, really), a life force exchanging unity ceremony, and tons of romantic gushing and sexy gothic snuggles. Oh, and if you need to excuse yourself after witnessing the extremely hot fanged garter removal, nobody here will blame you. Whew.


Sweet-ass candy wedding accessories at a special discount from Edible Weddings & More!

Holy delicious wedding accessories, Batman! A be-skulled, hot pink and black, lollipop bouquet? That's bad-ass. Our sponsor Edible Weddings & More — the maker of said bad-ass bouquet — has me seriously drooling over their sweet wares. If you've been thinking about using candy instead of — or along with — your wedding flowers, you NEED to see these options from Edible Weddings.