Katie & David's winter wedding in the mountains

Cooped up inside at work? Need some AMAZING scenery to transport you? This wedding is just the ticket. Try seriously majestic mountains in the Southern Alps with photography from helicopters. Add in the bride's fabulous blue-purple dress against the snow, and you'll forget you're even inside.


Christa & Dan's Whovian British invasion wedding

This couple's love of Doctor Who is written all over their wedding: cardboard Daleks and Cybermen, British music, centerpieces with various Doctors, and even a full-size Tardis, perfect for hilarious photo opportunities. They also had an impromptu thumb war during the ceremony. Plus, we can all learn from the bride's totally chill solution to forgetting her guest book.


Nicole & Josh's eco-friendly camping trip wedding

A midweek morning ceremony with a whole week of campout festivities surrounding it? Sounds fab. This couple was on a mission to keep things as eco-friendly as possible and to undertake any and all DIY projects. Was it a success? You'll just have to see for yourself. Here's a hint: hell yes.


Karly & Steve's artsy and crafty upcycled wedding

A certain superstorm may have wreaked havoc in the days before this wedding, but they pulled it all together somehow with the help of friends (and a new "BYOC: Bring Your Own Cupcakes" clause!). We're really thankful they did, because we did not want to miss the amazing Wai-Ching dress, gorgeously-coiffed dreads, adorable family sand ceremony, and all of the DIY projects. Oh, let's not forget the Harry Potter-inspired saxophonist/magician and impromptu break dancing on the dance floor.


Manda & Dave's afternoon wedding in a nightclub

A black ballgown, an amazing staircase, and a strategically placed leaf for a statue's modesty? This wedding in a nightclub has it all, and happened on a Monday afternoon, letting the couple celebrate their anniversary and enjoy a hot venue for a cool price.