Fiery hair, rainbow details, and one awesome cookie bouquet

Tribesmaid Rekka somehow perfectly matched her two-tone feather fascinator to her two-tone hair. And trust me, the sneak peeks of the rest of the wedding live up to this hype. But that's not all this week of reader submissions brings us. We've got a couple of awesome handmade save-the-dates, rainbow details, and even a cookie bouquet!


Angie & Marc's fairy tale chapel red hot wedding

This bride and her mother both picked out the wedding chapel independently. And once I saw it, I though probably would have too! In an idyllic location, with a small group of their closest pals, donning red gowns and fedoras, these two lovebirds finally closed the 5000 mile-gap and got married.


Rachelle & Eric's rainy improv-tastic casual cookout wedding

This couple may have gotten rained out of their original location, but an obliging firehouse ended up being an awesome substitute. As far as reception entertainment goes, this wedding wins all around: stand-up comedy, live improv, piñata bashing, and musical chairs! Plus, the story about the bride's grandmother making her cake had me fighting the tears. Enjoy your Fourth of July with this Fourth of July cookout wedding!


Amber & Trey's nerdy love pop culture wedding

These two couldn't imagine having a personalized wedding without including what they love: Firefly, Harry Potter, Buffy, and X-Men! Even their newly chosen last name is an homage of a favorite character! And for a couple who is seriously camera-shy, they sure know how to work it!


Allycen & Lisa's intimate road trip wedding

This wedding was held on one of the bride's late father's birthday. That alone was a moving tribute. The rest of the wedding lived up to the sentiment with the bride's 91-year-old grandmother (and her purse!) walking her down the aisle, the tribute to love in the ceremony, and the caterers joining in with the celebrating to complete the guest list.


Meagan & Simon's Mad Hatter tea party wedding

Fabric and button flowers, overflowing tea cups, The Red Queen's croquet, and some adorable hats — it can only be an Alice in Wonderland-themed wedding! Add in the epic food fight and you're in for hilarity. Watch out for Alice though — she's got her eye on your cake.


Mary & Charles' crafty roller derby tiki wedding

This destination wedding brings a reluctant to fly Midwest family to San Diego for a tiki-meets-roller derby party with cool DIY details like crocheted bouquets. Things get pretty crazy at the reception with an order to drink more booze and a lady in a chicken hat. It also takes a pretty cool bride to admit her mistake in her advice to other Offbeat Brides.