Raise your lightsaber for Jennifer & Alex's Star Wars Extended Universe wedding

This wedding embraces all facets of the Star Wars universe: the movies, the comics, the lore, the music, and the ideal that everyone deserves to light up a lightsaber in your honor. It makes for pretty rad photos, too. Let's peek at the blend of Chinese and Jewish traditions, Imperial Knight groomsmen, braided-haired bridesmaids, and the truly epic fight scene performance at the reception.


Maria & Bob's snowboarding ski resort wedding

A wedding in New York in the middle of winter? Snowboarding in a tux and a wedding dress?! Meh, you guys know how we roll. Let's check out the ski shot fun, the freezing but totally dedicated wedding party, the wildcards that surrounded all the planning, and this amazing pair of adventurous lovebirds.


Stacy & Bart's romantic theatre spectacular wedding

Rich jewel tones, a lush theater setting, popcorn favors/programs, and champagne everywhere — this fanciful wedding is making us jones for a New Year's party! Add in the classic car, amazing reception setup, and midday getaway to one of the couple's favorite places, and you've got FUN.


How to make your photographer feel like a friend-tographer

I'm Angie Gaul, I am an avid Offbeat Bride reader, and have been since I started planning my own wedding way back in 2007. I keep coming back because I love the community here, along with the other Offbeat Wives who still read after their weddings. I love weddings, obviously, and I love learning about people's cultures and subcultures, and I really love the respectful tone and intelligent level of commentary and discussion that Ariel, Megan, and the rest of the team work so hard to maintain.

I read the same articles you do, so I know that Offbeat Bride readers are really debating going back and forth between having a friend take their photos and a vendor. I so get this. That's why I try to offer the best of both worlds…