Emily & Branan's Star Wars, wrestling, and badminton wedding

PEZ dispenser and Simpsons centerpieces, a baseball card guestbook, a huge styrofoam Yoda, and badminton birdie decor… have we boggled your mind enough yet? Oh, well then you may want to sit down for the groom's outfit reveal. Think Randy "Macho Man" Savage at his wedding. It's epic, but don't miss the bride's badminton racquet bouquet, Murder, She Wrote unplugged ceremony sign, and rubber ducky place cards.


Grab your childhood teddy bear for this surprise-filled, Korean-influenced, New York wedding

It's almost as if Jumi and Jimbo competed to see who could spring the most awesome, love-filled surprises on each other during their three-day wedding weekend last July. It started with Jumi flying both of Jimbo's sisters across the country using her own airline miles. They wouldn't have been able to make it otherwise! Awwww — score for Jumi's first super-cool surprise!


Ansley & Derrick's love-packed dance party wedding

Spray-painted animal and wine bottle centerpieces, paper flowers and baby's breath, cupcakes, and everything gold — this wedding makes budget looks gilded. Plus, you'll be getting sappy looking at this sweet pair make goo-goo eyes at each other in almost every shot… well, except those where they're busting a move on the dance floor.


Spidey senses tingle at a bookstore wedding in Soho

Books and superheroes? Belinda and Raul included both when they got married at Housing Works Bookstore last June. The bookstore in Soho, New York was the perfect backdrop for the couple's kickass style. Belinda was swoon-worthy in a tea-length dress, birdcage veil, and film-star-red lipstick. And if Raul would have only rocked his blue tuxedo and skinny tie, that would have been enough, but check out the hidden superpower underneath — he and his groomsmen sported superhero shirts under their duds! Photographer Carole Cohen They ♥ OBB; we ♥ them mentioned that the fellows showed off the shirts during the reception — after a few drinks.


Katy & Joe's pinwheels, vintage dress, and a walk for a cure wedding

This pair were already super psyched to get married, but having the ceremony at a cystic fibrosis walk (which is close to the bride's heart), made it all the more personal and amazing. Don't miss the groom's day-glow green suit, the bride's grandmother's dress that she remade to her own design, and the super funny ribbon "cutting" ceremony. Get ready to feel like happy gooey butter after seeing this wedding.


Stephanie & Kyle's bookish blue wedding

This pair may have originally wanted a small wedding, but their family-focused book-loving wedding ended up being just right. We are loving the pink dress, gorgeous ombre chuppah (that took nine months to make!), and super special mom/daughter walk down the aisle. Bit it might have been the rendition of a Muppet song from the bride and her sister that really did us in.


What are destination wedding photographer Dustin Cantrell's 3 favorite things about offbeat weddings?

Guess who Ariel and I partied with at Lovesick in San Francisco? Our sponsor Dustin Cantrell! We had a blast with this guy who (we decided) is as awesome as he is talented. Which means it's a safe bet that you will have a blast with him at your wedding… no matter where it is. Let's look at some of Dustin's favorite shots from his favorite locations, while we talk about his three favorite things about shooting offbeat couples…


A restored Volkswagen brings two New York brides to tears

There are lots of bits to love at Mandi and Tara's summery New York wedding. I mean, there's the George Weir Barn, whose interior I'd like for my house, please. And there's the achingly beautiful and simple ceremony site in a field. Let's breathe wistful sighs together over Tara's short hair. Let's blame the dust in our eyes as Mandi chokes up a little during the ceremony and Tara wipes away her tears. Don't forget to notice the adorable sweetheart table with Mrs and Mrs signs during the reception. You might also like to notice the clever LGBT twist on the seat-yourself sign for the ceremony.


Mishy & DJ's nerdcore poly wedding complete with sonic screwdriver

Pink glasses, purple groom's hair, and a poly-inclusive (and everything else-inclusive!) — this Jewish-meets-Boston-meets-New York wedding is just a dream. The couple dealt with some challenges: disabilities, long-distance planning, and how to incorporate all their interests — but damn did they do it well! Smoosh your face against the screen and give these cuties a virtual hug.