Sexy stormtroopers & the king of all photobombers: 5 unbelievable wedding photos from Mike Allebach

Look at that photo before you. Just look at it! Is this not one of the best bridesmaid photos you've ever seen? It's like a photo straight from Darth Vader's wedding album!

Speaking of great photos, allow me to show off four more so-awesome-they're-almost-unbelievable photos from longtime sponsor, and friend of the Empire, Mike Allebach. And while we're wrapping our minds around these incredible images, you can also wrap your mind around his special offer to our readers…


We're dreaming about this stunning rainy Catskills wedding

Aubrey and Jake had their wedding at the Inn at West Settlement, located in the gorgeous Catskills. They braved a rainy day to have their ceremony outside amid umbrellas and woolly coats. Our favorite part? When the speakers wouldn't work for the processional, the guests began to hum the wedding march together! D'aw. Let's peek at this rainy bohemian wedding of our dreams.


Major shenanigans and a chic dress at this New York Chinatown wedding

Mihai and Gabby were aiming for a mini tour of New York (and especially Chinatown!) to bookend their sweet city hall wedding and they absolutely rocked it in style. From her short and chic dress to his sharp blue suit, they owned the city and even a samurai sword or two. You'll want to start scrolling to share in the feels and the radness of this homage to love, New York Chinatown wedding.


Find out how this zoo wedding convinced us to love "garbage plates"

"Garbage plates" (just wait and see!), animal print, a visiting polar bear at the ceremony, vibrant pink hair, "sloth" cupcakes, lipstick heels, and a dress with ultra chic black detailing — have we sucked you in yet? If not, just wait until you hear how this pair approached decision-making while planning. Inspiring, I swear!