Check out the special guest stars at Rachel & Steven's Disney and Up-themed wedding

Just wait until you see the Disney's Up-themed details in this super-close-to-Disney wedding. Sky + balloons cake, grape soda boutonnieres, an Adventure Book, and lots of Disney-related songs, decor, and accessories make this supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. You'll also learn a pretty neat trick on having a Disney wedding without actually having to contract with Disney.


Chelsea & Jesse's The Big Lebowski-themed wedding

After you see the Folgers cans, the starburst neon signs, the Dudist officiant (dressed as Walter, natch), the paint brush bouquet, The Dude groom, and the green and black homage-to-Maude gown, there's only one thing to say about this Big Lebowski wedding: WE ABIDE. There's even more to see, so click on in and start counting all the references you can find to The Dude and the Achievers. Plus, a bowling alley venue pretty much guarantees good times.


Lauren & Steve's spooky horror film-inspired wedding

It's our favorite week for spooky, gothic, and horror-themed weddings — it's HALLOWEEN WEEK! Today we're drooling over the barbed wire bouquet, the hearse getaway car, the giant pork pie, and the many, many amazingly carved pumpkins by the guests. Plus, you'll never guess which Supernatural star cameoed in the photo booth…


Lauren & Chuck's Old Hollywood goofball wedding

This venue will blow your theater-loving socks off. The little geeky touches will steal your LEGO-loving hearts. The wedding party music will steal your pants and run away. Wait, this is starting to make less sense. Either way, there is something for everyone in this fancy-shmancy meets geeky and goofy wedding in a gorgeous theater. Go peek!


Come to the Hard Rock for this nerd-glam wedding, stay for the s'mores bar

Chelle and Dave's wedding at Chicago's Hard Rock Hotel may look all glitz and glamour, but we got the inside scoop about the nerdiness that lurked below. Thanks, Naturally Yours EventsThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them! While the couple were married by A good friend officiated the wedding, and guests filled out crossword-puzzle programs. A game-loving couple, Chelle and Dave sprinkled lots of other much-beloved faves throughout their wedding and reception. Keep your eyes peeled for LEGO and '80s movies references.


Krystal & Matthew's red carpet premiere film noir wedding

A red carpet, popcorn and soda, and even a film noir short film created by the couple — this is a cinephile's dream wedding. Add in the 1940s-era outfits, Moulin Rouge-inspired gown, and delish food truck nosh, and these two totally know how to party film buff-style.


Kat & Earl's handmade movie geek Disney-inspired wedding

Tradition meets tons of personalization with this Disney and movie-themed wedding. We're talking illustrations from favorite movies, Disney centerpieces, 3D cut-outs, and lots of elements from their signature styles. It was both a dry wedding and a no-dancing wedding, but with Truth or Dare Jenga, scavenger hunts, a photo booth, and a gelato bar, there was no shortage of super-fun-ness. And just wait until you read the bride's favorite moment. It's like you're there!