You wish you were camping out for this Idaho couple's wedding

Scott and Emily got married at Grayback Gulch Campground in Idaho's Boise National Forest last July, letting live flowers and tall trees be their decor. I'm in love with how comfortable they both look throughout the day. She's chatting with friends while she gets ready, he's riding a chopper to the ceremony site with his pals. She's rocking her plugs with an unbelievably sweet-looking updo, he's working a pair of suspenders like a boss. They look at home, both at the campground and with each other.


Shiver with delight at a spooky wedding in the French Quarter

Say it with me. The French Quarter. Even the name of the oldest neighborhood in New Orleans has a mystical quality to it. Elisa and Ron turned up the mystery and the heat by several notches with their spookily glam wedding at the French Quarter Wedding Chapel last October. Of course Ron looks adorable as do all grooms with fabulous beards and suit vests and trainers. His bride is positively smoking in a black lace peplum dress, spiked heels, and tattoos simply everywhere.


Cara & Kit's motorcycling hula-hooping waterfall wedding

Things that rock about this wedding: DIY barefoot sandals, hula hoops, scenery to die for (or at least get a ticket from a park ranger for!), infectious smiles, and a motorcycle getaway. When the bridal headpiece is a motorcycle helmet, you know you're dealing with some kick-ass people.