Oo and ahh at this groom's traditional Japanese garb and his bride's gorgeous tattoo sleeve

Rainy weddings bring their own special brand of gorgeousness. Kat and Greg got married on a drizzly April day in 2013, near Greg's hometown of Nanaimo, British Columbia. Thanks to the abundance of greenery at hand, most of the decor — like the beautiful, fern-covered trellis — was hand-sourced by family members. Looks like family helped out in a big way throughout the wedding: Greg's mom not only made the couple's cake, but also Greg's stunning, traditional Japanese ensemble. I adore the fact that he used a book to put it on correctly.

As amazing as Greg looked, don't forget to check out Kat. Girl has a tattoo sleeve that is jaw-dropping. She showed it off with a dress in her favorite color, green.


Allison & Sage's Buddhist gothic gluten-free wedding

With 90 days to plan their wedding, these two pulled off a fusion of Victorian Gothic and Traditional Taiwanese that will blow your mind. Her beyond-gorgeous kimono and his dapper top hat and cane make for fabulous photos, but their thoughtful buffet of eats-for-all-eaters is a real sight to see, even if they did need help figuring out how to cut the cake. PS: the rally music for paper-crane-folding party? Awesome.


Alicia & Cody's fiery dragon and phoenix art gallery wedding

With amazing gradient mobiles that match the bride's earrings that match her dress that matches the cake that matches the fiery candles… WHEW! Seriously, this wedding is a sight to see and totally authentic to their tastes. Plus, the bride painted a spectacular (seriously) triptych for the ceremony that made my day.