Show the kids at your wedding some extra love with heart-shaped PBJs

For their kid-friendly wedding, Joy said that a friend of theirs cut out heart-shaped PBJs, a little nod to make the kiddos feel extra welcome. I really love this idea for a couple reasons: one, it might help out a parent or two to have some kind of kid-friendly snack around before dinner is finally served. Just to avoid some "hangry." And two, I (obviously) love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I will totally sneak two or three of those in between drinks in the cocktail hour.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Batman, Doctor Who — pick your superhero flavor at this wedding

Continuing in the spirit of superhero week here at Offbeat Bride, tag along with us to the Santa Barbara Zoo. Bridget and Sam got married there earlier this spring surrounded by subtle hints of superherodom: Batman cufflinks, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle bow tie, the 11th Doctor and Amy Pond cake toppers… wait, what's that? The Doctor isn't a superhero? He is in my heart, okay, let me have my little pleasures, IT TOTALLY COUNTS.


Just Wonder Woman marrying Superman. No big deal.

I can hear your squeals from here. I can hear them as I'm writing this because this wedding IS JUST THAT AWESOME. What an addition to Offbeat Bride superhero week! Reinesha and Devan were absolutely on point as Wonder Woman and Superman for their Arizona wedding. The cape. The Superman wedding socks. The Wonder Woman wedding socks. The tiara. The red, blue, and yellow corset ties. The coordinating superhero eye makeup and nail art. The general bad-assitude oozing from every photo. Do they not look like they are having the best time in all the world?


Blended family love in the Smoky Mountains

Over the course of an October weekend, Andrea and Dedrick brought their two families together in the breathtakingly beautiful Smoky Mountains for a family-centric wedding. Sure, DIY makes a fun appearance in the tons of tiny details made by the bridal party, and oh yes, Dedrick's childhood friend made all the food (kick-ass behind-the-scenes photo of the man in action in the kitchen). But, to be honest, it's the presence of the kids that make this wedding what it is.


An intimate kaleidoscopic family-focused wedding from the Philippines

Hasmukh and Kathlynn fused a whole lot of color into their wedding day. Everything is color-drenched and squeal-worthy, from the bride's bright red bouquet and jewelry, to the pink-hued streamers in the ceremony! The wedding decor was 100% DIYed by the couple and their family members. They handcrafted striped and polka-dotted yellow and orange lanterns, created wedding signs with sturdy paper and puff paint, and tucked floral centerpieces into coffee mug vases.


Lauren & Vaughn's Mennonite kid-friendly farm wedding

This wedding will have a lot of fans: kids, chickens, color lovers, singers, and of course…. US! You've got hymn singing, Indian food, and what I'm going to excitedly describe as a Nickelodeon slime unity ceremony! It's all wrapped up in a big ol' barn in pretty sunset land. Just watch out for the bride's dad and uncle lighting the fireworks with a blow torch. Dudes got wild.


Julie & Matthew's retro polka dots and pinwheels wedding

Pink and red with polka dots and pinwheels all over gives this Denver wedding a bit of a retro and a lot of ADORABLE. Add in some LEGO touches, a successful venue swap (due to a major flood!), and loads of DIY, and you'll be all in. Oh, and you'll never guess how the bride used Lady Gaga to surprise her dad!


Carmen & Grant's weekend getaway "crocodiles on safari" wedding

When a crocodile invites himself to the wedding, you pretty much have to show him a good time… or else! And these two totally did that with their South African dishes and Amarula, the bride's awesome gossamer wings, the Harry Potter ring book, and the sweet wine box ceremony. Check out the rest of the wedding and keep an eye out for various fauna that might be on the loose.