Robert & Cecily's jumpin' the broom in Kauai wedding

This bright and beautiful Hawaiian day was meant for these two. After a handfasting on the mainland, they continued their ceremony on the beach in Kauai with a lei ceremony, jumping the broom, and a dancing on the beach. This one is intimate, lovely, and true to this adorable pair.


Glitter, sparkle, and shimmer: a pink and gold Virginia wedding

If you've got a particular affinity for things that glitter, this wedding's for you! Being honest, I'm all over this one. Chauncey & BaShaun finally sealed a long-distance relationship with a sparkly pink and gold celebration in Virginia last March. From her gold shoes to his wedding day gift of a gold watch, the sparkle is everywhere. (Aw, check out the cute lil note accompanying the watch!)


Grab your wellies and stroll along a beach with this bride and groom

Jeff and Aiofe married each other last year on the British Columbia coast and frickin' brought the style. I mean, you have her bright blue (such an awesome color), mega-ruffled dress. And then he's wearing a cravat (always a good choice) with a matching pocket square. They looked cute just saying their vows, they looked cute jumping the broom, and they looked cute while romping through low tides with bridesmaids, and striking cover-worthy poses with groomsmen.


Jump the broom and smash the glass: this wedding is a cultural kaleidoscope

Say hello to a new photographer on our vendor list (hi, Amy Ann PhotographyThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them!) with this gorgeous LGBT wedding in Ohio. Tara and Tayo had married each other in Manhattan in early 2013, which they celebrated last fall with a mashup of Jewish and African-American traditions. The couple kept the initial part of the celebration small, with only a few loved ones around while they performed a handwashing and signed a ketubah. For the larger ceremony outside, guests faced first one way then the other as they listened to quotes from African-American authors and a traditional Jewish ceremony under a canopy.


Their Celtic, blue-moon wedding marked the 24th anniversary for these two brides

Dee and Deb had already been together for 24 years when they married each other in upstate New York on a literal blue moon. Time flies — this August will mark another two years since their wedding! The couple kept things very simple, purchasing rings, clothing, and a few items for the ceremony online. The ceremony itself looks fascinating, with rituals that involved sharing drinks from a chalice, a handfasting, and jumping the broom. Dee and Deb shared an intricate cake, showcasing phases of the moon, and a toast to cap the intimate occasion.