Think outside the wedding jewelry box with Hunt Country Jewelers

I love love love introducing you to independent jewelers from parts of the country you may not think about when jewelry shopping, but who are perfect fits for our readers. That perfectly describes our sponsor Hunt Country Jewelers — the small, family-run jewelry shop in Virginia who creates epic custom pieces of jewelry. Here's why they're the perfect place to get your wedding rings…

Chic and retro Halloween wedding fashion for everyone at your spine-tingling Halloween wedding

You guys remember Unique Vintage's magical Disney princess collection that we thought would make an excellent ensemble of bridesmaids, right? They've got a new Halloween-themed collection that is entering our souls and turning us into spooky fashion mavens. You'll find perfectly deadly swing skirts, skull, bat, and fang accessories, and creepy-chic shoes galore for you, your wedding party, or as a Halloween wedding guest. Let's go shopping for that last piece of Halloween wedding fashion to get you to the altar… OF DOOM!