7 unexpected ways to sneak color into your diamond ring

Are you the type of person who digs the traditional diamond engagement ring? There's no shame in that game! But what if you also crave a bit of color, too? How can you add color into a ring that's all about being colorless? Our sponsor Joseph Jewelry will totally school you on how you can infuse some color into your diamond engagement ring.


Proposing tips and ring ideas with Brilliant Earth's Artisan Collection

It's January, kiddos, and you know what that means: ENGAGEMENTS GALORE! Either you're recently engaged, planning to be soon, or at least seeing them roll in on Facebook. Either way, a fun time is in store. Here are some of our favorite tips for making your proposal rad as hell, as well as some amazing rings to share from Brilliant Earth, too.


Titanium Jewelry presents 4 tales of kick-ass girl proposals

What's one wedding "rule" we LOVE seeing Offbeat Brides break? Waiting for the groom to propose, of course! We love when brides propose to their partner. We've partnered up with offbeat vendor and alternative metal gurus, Titanium Jewelry, to look at some black titanium, timoku, damascus steel, zirconium, and flippin' METEORITE styles for your partner as we recount some of our very favorite proposal stories and tips.