Titanium Jewelry presents 4 tales of kick-ass girl proposals

What's one wedding "rule" we LOVE seeing Offbeat Brides break? Waiting for the groom to propose, of course! We love when brides propose to their partner. We've partnered up with offbeat vendor and alternative metal gurus, Titanium Jewelry, to look at some black titanium, timoku, damascus steel, zirconium, and flippin' METEORITE styles for your partner as we recount some of our very favorite proposal stories and tips.


Texting Otter sez: "Mark Poulin's new pendants are the sweetest gifts EVAR"

Offbeat Bride readers, Mark Poulin and his new line of sterling silver charm necklaces — with otters, skateboarding goats, and boating cats — are perfect for your bridal party gifts. Each freaking-adorable necklace is reversible, and has either a witty or heartfelt saying on the back, or a different design. Which means there's a total "two necklaces in one" bonus! Check these out…


Custom Comix offers comic book accessories and gifts for every geeky wedding need

Where are my comic book geeks!? Brides, bridesmaids, grooms, etc, I have found y'all your Etsy shop: Custom Comix. I guarantee you're not going to find another shop where you can order Lumpy Space Princess earrings for your sister, pin-back buttons featuring vintage comics for your groomsmen, a Catwoman and Batman bracelet for your bachelorette party outfit, while you design the custom comic book shoes of your geeky dreams.


8 antique engagement rings from EraGem that'll give vintage lovers a lust-attack

If you get all googly-eyed over vintage rings like I do, then you're going to be SUPER stoked about our sponsor EraGem Jewelry. They're a fine estate jewelry company that specializes in vintage and antique engagement rings. Whether or not you're searching for your dream vintage ring or antique wedding band you know you're going to have fun perusing their amazing collection. Check out seven more of the coolest vintage rings you'll see on the interwebs today…


I still have NEVER seen anything like these Wexford Jewelers wedding rings

The first time I introduced you to our sponsor Wexford Jewelers I said "I work for a wedding blog, I see a LOT of jewelry — and I have NEVER seen anything like Wexford Jewelers designs." That was two years ago, and it is still true today. Come look, drool, covet, fall in love, and find your wedding bands, as we explore some their one-of-a-kind jewelry collections that'll never leave you side-eyeing your ring, and keep you just as infatuated with it, year after year…


So many buckles: Rob's amazing red gothic fairytale groom gear

We'll hopefully be profiling the full wedding soon, but I have to stop first to give some snaps to Rob here and his impeccable gothic-tinged suit, complete with one of the most beautiful red jackets I've seen in a long time. Oh, and the buckled red vest? Amazing. The detailing, you guys… THE DETAILING. And the accessories! And his bride, Liz. Just wait…


Make wedding day jewelry from flowers (or preserve your bouquet as jewelry, after the fact!)

Where are my nature-lovers? Where are my flower children? Where are my eco-chic chicks? Come to me, my children, and gaze upon the beauty of the bridal jewelry from our sponsor Impressed by Nature. Kyla, the jewelry designer, specializes in handmade pressed flower and leaf jewelry and accessories for brides, wedding parties, mothers, grandmothers, and anyone else! Not only does Kyla make floral wedding jewelry, but she also makes jewelry out of your wedding florals. Check it out…