Elopement goals: An intimate and romantic Italian elopement in Venice

Diana and Manuel took a gondola tour of the Grand Canal in Venice at their lovely Italian elopement. They made stops at the piazza for photos and, of course, their intimate sunset ceremony alongside the canal, serenaded by a soprano. Passersby couldn't stop starign (as you'll see!) as the pair strolled around in their formal wear and matching blue orchids for the bouquet and boutonniere. It's an elopement dream. Plus, Italy is never a bad idea! Let's take a peek at this elopement in Venice…

Scenic views abound at this stunning Italian wedding

Julia and Michael are both from the UK and are both very into medieval settings, especially Michael, who is a lead video game designer. They decided to celebrate their intimate wedding in the Lake district of Malcesine, Italy with family and close friends. Are you jonesing for a trip like this? At least we can live it through their eyes…

Vacay goals: This Italy trip doubled as a traveling engagement shoot

Jason and Didi wanted to pair their Italian vacation with a killer engagement shoot with Jason's sister, Sasha (also their photog!) and her husband. The 14-day itinerary covered a few cities including Milan, Venice, Florence, Tuscany, Rome, and Amafi Coast. Sigh — hashtag traveling engagement shoot goals.

The group stated in a castle in Tuscany, rode in boats and gondolas in Venice, stayed in Art Deco hotels, ate gelato in Sienna, and toured lovely streets and squares. It was a lush and fabulous way to celebrate Jason and Didi's engagement and we get to see it all! A-wanderlusting we will go…


Elegant cathedral ceremony in Italy leads to a post-wedding swim for bride and groom

Sylvia and Manuel were both ridiculously stylin' for their wedding in Italy last July. I mean, his silver suit AND THOSE SHOES? I want a pair of those shoes. Sylvia's favorite color is fuchsia, and you'll find it on her shoes, on her dress, in her hair, and on her eyelids. That is some rockstar makeup, girl! Also, are you seeing how Sylvia did her bouquet? It starts out as a corsage and wraps up her arm. My favorite thing at this wedding? POSSIBLY.


Glide through Venice on a gondola for a romantic elopement

Photographer Carlo Perazzolo said that he met Sarah and Santi just as they jumped on a gondola to get married. The Spanish couple opted for a civil ceremony with no guests on the canals of Venice last May. Perazzolo followed them around to document the rest of the day. Come gawk with me if you will at how perfectly Sarah's hair complements her orange dress and hat. Be in awe of their picturesque journey from Rialto Bridge to San Marco Square. Admire Santi's effortlessly cool vibe with his sunglasses and pocket square. Elopements are usually a sexy good time, and Sarah and Santi are damn hot proof of that.