Why I will not be wearing an ounce of make-up at my wedding

Based on how many people have asked "where are you getting your make-up done?" — without ever pausing to consider the possibility that I won't have it done professionally — it's clear that choosing to have no wedding make-up goes against what many people think a "normal" bride should do. On my wedding day I will not be wearing an ounce of make-up. Why?…


The 3 stages of planning a wedding with Pinterest

Putting Pinterest into the hands of a confused and overwhelmed bride or groom is like putting alcohol into the hands of someone who's never had a drink and not warning them about having too much. I know that seems dramatic, and yes it is, BUT it’s not far from the truth. There are three main feelings Pinterest can evoke, each of which can tip you over the edge. I'm hoping that this will serve as "The Talk" and help you navigate what can be an amazing aide to a great night, or the biggest hangover.


In honor of "plain and boring weddings"

On our Facebook page, I recently asked readers what they wanted to see more of from Offbeat Bride. One reader chimed in immediately with this feedback: "I'd like to see more 'plain and boring' wedding pictures. I see lots of amazing decor and themes, but what about folks who consider getting married as the most important part of the wedding?"