Weddings and body image: get past needing to look "good" and start getting real

I've been photographing people in love for over a decade now, and the┬ánumber one question I get asked as a photographer (by far!) is actually the wrong question to ask…

"Can you make me look good?" The only way to answer this question, is to bring it all the way around to body image. When the question, "Can you make me look good?" is asked, I learned that that's not really what they're asking…


Ring needs resizing? Here's why you should wait to wear it…

If your engagement or wedding ring needs resizing, there are some good reasons to wait to wear it. As someone who has worked in a chain jewelry store and done a lot of research out of personal interest, I've seen some real damage occur when a larger ring is worn before resizing. Letting it flop around and hitting against another ring to keep it in place is both bad for the metal and the stones. It puts it at much more at risk for knocking the stone out, chipping it, or breaking it completely depending on how old the stone is and what kind of inclusions it naturally has.


What new photographers NEED to know about photography pricing

The sky isn't falling and the photography industry doesn't need another "price justification" blog post to share with clients. Yes, owning a photography business is tough. Owning any business is tough. Especially "fun" businesses. I still have hard days, weeks, and months. There is more competition than ever, yes. There are also lots of photographers who have successful businesses… based on solid business principles. Mike Allebach is here to keep it real with new photographers about their photography pricing.