Abigail & Kevin's candlelit gothic wedding in the woods

Give us some sumptuous dark decor, a lush forest ceremony bathed in candlelight, and a super gorgeous gothic couple who totally know how to put an ensemble together. Add in a few D&D and wizard touches, and we're all on this geeky-gothic train. Plus, we love any family who is down for anything as long as there's cake.


Indian-inspired wedding menu from a wannabe foodie

I'm a wannabe foodie. I decided early on that good food was a priority for the wedding. After much indecision on my part, one day my husband declared that we should have Indian food at the wedding. It made sense. We both love Indian food. Why shouldn't we have it at our wedding?


A colorful and elaborate Indian and American fusion wedding

This is a wedding in two parts celebrating two cultures combining. You don't want to miss the ultra-colorful saris, the fluffy red reception dress, the henna (that took 11 hours!), the giant pillow cake, and the sweet first look. So much to see, it's like sensory overload in the best way possible.


An opulent multi-day HinJew wedding

When we were sent this San Francisco wedding, I was gobsmacked first by its amazingness and second by its enormity! There is so much to absorb here. It was lovingly dubbed by the party as the "HinJew" wedding since bride Ruchira is Indian and groom Dave is Jewish! You have to see all the facets of the multi-day celebration including the performances, the decor, and the insanely huge hora!