Merlin's beard! A magical gay Huffleclaw wedding under the sea

A Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff don their finest bespoke outfits (including killer blue suit and gorgeous pink corset gown!) for this magical Huffleclaw wedding at a Dallas aquarium. It's under the sea meets Harry Potter meets ALL OUR DREAMS COME TRUE! Don't miss the Harry Potter house-themed cake, aquarium backdrop, and pastel flowers everywhere.


Pink dress, costume contests, and a Harry Potter ceremony blessing at this spooky glam wedding

Malinda and Adam both love Halloween and Day of the Dead, so they aimed for an epic Halloween party. They also both love food and consider each other "food soul mates," so killer catering was a priority. There was even a special present for the children (and adults) who attended: an owl named Dumbledore and a penguin named Disco stopped by! Since we're going for full-on Halloween party here, there was a costume table and a WWE championship belt for the costume contest. The winners were a real life Elsa and a very unique Anna from Frozen. It's time to finally see this spooky glam wedding…


20 geeky wedding rings that will enchant your Player 2

Fellow nerdy von dweebies! You and I need to talk about these geeky engagement rings. If you're planning on proposing with a golden snitch ring or tying the knot with these "I love you" and "I know" rings… there's a nerdy wedding ring waiting for you and your Player 2. When your partner knows your geektastic whiles, you just can't say no to sealing the deal, right? Let's go shopping for the most out-of-this-world geeky wedding ring to woo that gamer/book lover/cosplayer partner of yours…