Karen & Frank's elven fairytale wedding

A little D&D, a little Lord of the Rings, and a whole lot of fairytale flourishes make this wedding a dream for any fantasy lover. We've also got sword arches, a sweet and teary first look, an element ceremony, a choreographed first dance, and a challenging custom-made dress (that was TOTALLY worth it!). Get out your Lembas bread and settle in for this one.


Kristen & Jet's zombie-infused Elvira-loving NYC Hallowedding

This one is going to be right on the money for you couples planning Halloween weddings right now. We've got two ladies celebrating their favorite holiday, a black ribbon veil, amazing black pumpkin bouquet, and of course, Central Park in New York City! Plus, they had The Reverend D (rad Offbeat Bride vendor) officiate dressed as ELVIRA! And there may have been a wedding crashing zombie in attendance as well.


Bethany & Joe's geeky winter church wedding

It's Christmas in May around here! This pair doubled down on ornaments and jingle bells in the bouquets and boutonnieres, to super cute effect. Add in the bride's mini top hat, the bridesmaids' retro twirly skirts, some geeky necklaces and toasting flutes, and the groom's self-described "poodle hair," and you've got fancy fun all over this joint.


Morgan & Matt's robot love fest wedding

Robots and aliens have invaded weddings this week! It's making me want to break it down in a binary solo. This couple had all their guests bring something robo-related, including a mini mechanical baby! And barring one robot mishap at the ceremony, it was a total success. Even some YOLOing teenagers couldn't hamper the awesomeness.


Kate & Ryan's gothic chapel Edward Gorey wedding

We love our offbeat lite brides, and this wedding totally captures that traditional-meets-personalized vibe, including a gorgeous chapel and a little bit of gothic, Edward Gorey-style decor. The custom illustrations drawn by the groom are rocking my world! And if you're planning a birdseed recessional, take heed. I think the bride's still picking out seeds from her hair.