Morgan & Matt's robot love fest wedding

Robots and aliens have invaded weddings this week! It's making me want to break it down in a binary solo. This couple had all their guests bring something robo-related, including a mini mechanical baby! And barring one robot mishap at the ceremony, it was a total success. Even some YOLOing teenagers couldn't hamper the awesomeness.


Kate & Ryan's gothic chapel Edward Gorey wedding

We love our offbeat lite brides, and this wedding totally captures that traditional-meets-personalized vibe, including a gorgeous chapel and a little bit of gothic, Edward Gorey-style decor. The custom illustrations drawn by the groom are rocking my world! And if you're planning a birdseed recessional, take heed. I think the bride's still picking out seeds from her hair.


Ruth & Andrew's spiritually eclectic museum wedding

This bride got a little perspective and went from "Super Special Shocking Spectacular" to real-life, community-driven, awesome wedding. With a shmancy museum backdrop, a handfasting, and a ring warming (with a time-saving twist), meaning and tears were not hard to come by. And give me a few non-matchy matchy bridesmaids' dresses with pockets any day.


Heather & Rylan's Pagans in Wonderland wedding

A smidge of Alice in Wonderland, a Regency-style tailcoat, and a bride coming out as Pagan to her family: this is an intriguing combination. But don't miss the gob-smacking ceremony location and tear-jerking father/daughter dance. Tissues required! And just wait until you see the risque garter shenanigans and missing dress at the reception.