Kiona & Jennifer's magickal barefoot solstice wedding in the desert

This pair has a strong connection to the desert, so a barefoot desert ceremony was a must. Add in lots of handmade, vegetarian, and eco-friendly touches, and you've got a truly gorgeous and personal wedding (that somehow totally avoided the scorching Arizona summer heat). And don't miss the awesome, impromptu "rad bromance" dance duet!


Psyche & Legend's colorful queer Burner campout wedding

This pair crafted an epic weekend-long celebration of their love with lots of color, lots of wet and cold camping, a eleven-year-old's rendition of "White Wedding," and even gift bags representing the 10 principles of Burning Man. Plus, you'll love the bride's totally apt choice of reading.


Bailie & Curtis' tattooed vegans meet grandma's attic wedding

This couple wanted their wedding to be fun-loving and quirky to match their personalities. Cue the trek into grandma's attic for awesomely vintage accessories and decor. The groom's artistic talent definitely worked in their favor too. Add in a vegan Mexican feast and their English Bulldog and you've got a backyard wedding with charm.


Kathleen & Lucky's traditional 1950s wedding

This pair is a self-described June and Ward Cleaver queer couple, which is just rad. The wedding itself mirrored this with its 1950s-style traditional vows and style. They also found time to sneak off during the reception for a little alone time, which was not missed by the hooting and hollering crowd.


Teena & Eddie's colorful renaissance handfasting in the round

A fabulous red renaissance dress, kilts all around, a squee-worthy mushroom cake, and a dragon ring bearer — it can only mean the cutest little wedding in the round you ever did see. And if you're unsure of how to include your guests in the ceremony, you'll want to see how this bride created her bouquet! Oh, and watch out for surprise flying birdseed.