Lenny & Mark's handfasting and dancing castle wedding

Take some LARPers, bagpipers, Cercle and Balfolk dancing, a folk band, and a gorgeous green dress and you've got a lot to celebrate. you've seen Lenny and Mark's kitteh invitations and Lenny's brides paint, but you haven't seen anything yet! Check out this medieval-inspired party in a castle.


Abby & Robb's big family handfasting Halloween wedding

It takes a village to make a budget wedding and this couple had good friends to help. Handfasting, broom jumping, a last-minute Home Depot tie, and a little Doctor Who geekery make for a damn good time. Don't forget to check out the bridesmaid's different bouquets too! Just another awesome notch on the Halloween week checklist.


Maureen & Derek's Scottish humanist two-part wedding

This two-part wedding had an intimate humanist ceremony followed by amazing seafood at a local restaurant and then a cracking ceilidh for the rest of the guests the next day. Though there were some hiccups with the liquor license, this wild bunch still managed to leave some blood on the dance floor from the "dance of death!" Wild, woolly, and amazing. Would you want it any other way?


One-of-a-kind wedding ceremonies & handfastings from WorldTree Community

From Scottish and Irish handfastings, to both religious and non-denominational ceremonies, Vancouver Island-based sponsor WorldTree Community will help you craft and perform the perfect wedding ceremony for you and your partner. The WorldTree Community has been preforming custom-written ceremonies for over thirty years in western Canada and central Utah, so it's clear they've got some great marrying people mojo. But more than their mojo, WorldTree has a few other key reasons that make them a slam dunk for offbeat couples. Keep reading to find out…