Anne Boleyn weds Freddy Krueger: When a Halloween costume wedding wins over every horror fan

We wanted potential guests to know what they were getting into right away and used our invitations to set the tone. They had a photo of us as bride and groom zombies and included a “Costumes Required” section. We had a basket of masks available at the ceremony in case people didn't take the invitation seriously but our guests outdid themselves. Every single person got behind our theme and showed up in an amazing costume. Despite the instructions to our guests many thought we were going to wear “normal” bride and groom attire. We proved them wrong and got married in our dream Halloween costumes. Anne Boleyn weds Freddy Krueger? Why not?!


Pink dress, costume contests, and a Harry Potter ceremony blessing at this spooky glam wedding

Malinda and Adam both love Halloween and Day of the Dead, so they aimed for an epic Halloween party. They also both love food and consider each other "food soul mates," so killer catering was a priority. There was even a special present for the children (and adults) who attended: an owl named Dumbledore and a penguin named Disco stopped by! Since we're going for full-on Halloween party here, there was a costume table and a WWE championship belt for the costume contest. The winners were a real life Elsa and a very unique Anna from Frozen. It's time to finally see this spooky glam wedding…


Is the perfect-for-Halloween black and white dress found in here?

With Halloween close at hand, all things goth, Tim Burton-esque, and noir are up for grabs, style-wise. That's why we're especially excited to share some of our favorite black and white wedding dresses to tickle your dark side. Is your perfect-for-the-season (or ANY season) black and white dress found somewhere in this collection of tulle, chiffon, silk, and all things nice? If so, shout it out in the comments!

Let's get to the black and white dress ogling…