Ooh, spooky weddings! This is our archive of Halloween wedding ideas, which includes of goth weddings, horror weddings, tons of Halloween wedding dresses (black, purple, even orange!), Halloween wedding invitations, and of course lots of wedding skulls.

Wait until you see the outfits at this gothic gay cemetery wedding

Halloween day wedding at a cemetery! These two brides, Roberta and Cu, had a gay gothic wedding, complete with one of the most unique goth wedding dresses we’ve ever seen.

Satanic wedding: Celebrating in Hell on Devils Night

We got married in Hell, Michigan and did most of our photos beforehand at the Elmwood Cemetery in Detroit. We wanted a whole “Wed Til’ We’re Dead” mood, and the location definitely helped…

Why this autistic bride is thankful her purple & black goth wedding happened during COVID

As an autistic bride, I feel like I need to have control over everything and plan out every single thing I do, that’s just how I live my life. So it was the same for wedding planning too…

Covid turned my hallowedding into an elopement (but it was still magical!)

If you’re into wands, Deathly Hallows, thestrals, ghosting, invisible antics, magic potions… you’ll definitely want to check out these photos from Shannon and Andrew’s Hallowedding elopement.

Wedding theme: If Tim Burton & The Simpsons had a baby

Our wedding can best be described as if Tim Burton & The Simpsons had a baby. My husband and I are both extremely silly people, very much into pop culture and comedy, however we both are obsessed with the darker things in life; true crime, dark art, ghost stories and more.

EYECANDY ALERT: Golden chic Halloween wedding in Cape Cod

If you need your eye-candy fix for the day, you’ll want to take your time with these halloween wedding details — a custommade gold wedding dress, chic skull decor, and wedding dogs dressed to match the couple!