Chelsea & Jesse's The Big Lebowski-themed wedding

After you see the Folgers cans, the starburst neon signs, the Dudist officiant (dressed as Walter, natch), the paint brush bouquet, The Dude groom, and the green and black homage-to-Maude gown, there's only one thing to say about this Big Lebowski wedding: WE ABIDE. There's even more to see, so click on in and start counting all the references you can find to The Dude and the Achievers. Plus, a bowling alley venue pretty much guarantees good times.


Aimee & Jon's garden tea party pagan wedding

This week we're celebrating woodsy, outdoor weddings before it gets too cold. Today we've got a UK wedding focused on keeping things eco-friendly, educational for non-pagans, and full of music. With a handmade corset dress, a ceremony in the round, and a forest setting, this pair totally knows how to do fun, frolic, and rock 'n' roll out in the wilderness.


Jack Skellington presided at this glittery green Halloween wedding

Hannah and Torren got into autumn big time with their steampunk/gothic Halloween wedding in Colorado last year. Hannah's favorite color is green — you might pick up on when you check out the photos of her green hair and green dress! Torren's is purple. Dude looks pretty sweet in his purple suit, y'all. Shimmery, spooky, green, and purple details are everywhere you look.


Jill & Zach's cozy and chilly winter wedding

A Wai-Ching dress, a LEGO cake and unity ceremony, and a wayward doggie ring bearer — yep, sounds like our kind of wedding! Plus, you'll love the significance of the 799 paper cranes they made for decor. Click and see the flowing green dress and gorgeous Christian ceremony with just the right amount of customization in this backyard Texas celebration.


Megan & John's Legend of Zelda geeky gamer union

Fire Flowers, MegaMan, Bob-omb, Mario, Link, and the making of player twos… this is a gamer geek's wonderland. You have to see the costumes, the 8-bit cakes, and of course, the TRIFORCE UNITY CEREMONY! Come geek out and get your game on. Just don't nibble the favor soap!


Natalie & Matthew's homebrewed kilted lakeside wedding

This pair may have never dreamed of their wedding much before planning it, but it's certainly become one of our dream weddings. With kilts, an emerald green dress, homebrewed beer, and Celtic wishing stones, it was pretty magical. But just wait until you see whose phone buzzed during the unplugged ceremony and the April Fool's prank they played on the guests!


Oo and ahh at this groom's traditional Japanese garb and his bride's gorgeous tattoo sleeve

Rainy weddings bring their own special brand of gorgeousness. Kat and Greg got married on a drizzly April day in 2013, near Greg's hometown of Nanaimo, British Columbia. Thanks to the abundance of greenery at hand, most of the decor — like the beautiful, fern-covered trellis — was hand-sourced by family members. Looks like family helped out in a big way throughout the wedding: Greg's mom not only made the couple's cake, but also Greg's stunning, traditional Japanese ensemble. I adore the fact that he used a book to put it on correctly.

As amazing as Greg looked, don't forget to check out Kat. Girl has a tattoo sleeve that is jaw-dropping. She showed it off with a dress in her favorite color, green.