The mirrored corset at this teal and tentacles firey wedding stole our hearts

Liz and Tony's wedding inspiration came from trips and involvement in the Burning Man community where they met some of their closest friends. Some of our favorite parts were their customized outfits in teal and green with octopus light-up umbrellas, and their reception with fire dancers, fire sculptures, and a ring nest complete with robin's eggs. Liz's dress featured loads of tentacles and a corset made from shattered pieces of mirrored glass. You'll absolutely want to see the whole shebang.


A daddy/daughter cake smooshing and emerald green dress at this Ohio wedding

Joanna and Keon shared a gorgeous garden wedding at Whetstone Park of Roses in Ohio complete with the bride's emerald green gown and colorful bouquet, the groom's killer socks and adorable bow tie, and "to infinity and beyond" cake topper (a favorite line shared by both the groom and his daughter). But the sweetest tidbit of all is the shared moment between the bride and the groom's daughter at the ceremony. Oh wait, maybe it was the daddy/daughter cake smooshing. Either way, there are some must-see moments at this Ohio wedding. Don't miss the seed packet favors, too!


Chelsea & Jesse's The Big Lebowski-themed wedding

After you see the Folgers cans, the starburst neon signs, the Dudist officiant (dressed as Walter, natch), the paint brush bouquet, The Dude groom, and the green and black homage-to-Maude gown, there's only one thing to say about this Big Lebowski wedding: WE ABIDE. There's even more to see, so click on in and start counting all the references you can find to The Dude and the Achievers. Plus, a bowling alley venue pretty much guarantees good times.


Aimee & Jon's garden tea party pagan wedding

This week we're celebrating woodsy, outdoor weddings before it gets too cold. Today we've got a UK wedding focused on keeping things eco-friendly, educational for non-pagans, and full of music. With a handmade corset dress, a ceremony in the round, and a forest setting, this pair totally knows how to do fun, frolic, and rock 'n' roll out in the wilderness.