Food allergy labels for your wedding catering: a free wedding printable in TWO styles

Chances are if you're offering food at your wedding, you're already thinking about potential allergy and dietary issues. We all either have our own dietary needs and/or know someone who eats vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, or otherwise. How much of a load off would it be for your special diet guests to see these helpful free printable food allergy and dietary labels on the table? No need to guess at what's in the recipe or eat that protein bar in their bag instead.


The simple wedding menu to fit almost ALL dietary restrictions

We were looking for a casual menu that wouldn’t break the bank. But we have all the menu issues of the modern ages: Vegans, vegetarians, hard-core meat eaters, comfort food-lovers, tomato allergy, gluten allergy, dairy allergy, nut allergy, and even a garlic allergy. Now, my wedding menu is not fancy, and this isn’t for everyone, but again I’m looking for easy, as all-encompassing as possible, and budget-friendly. Here’s what we’re serving up…


Renée Marie & Justin's tiny masquerade wedding

This wedding took a sharp turn when an unexpected and tragic loss occurred. But through it all, this pair planned one of the loveliest weddings we've seen, with sunset views, organic and beautiful masks, and an evening candle ceremony. It may have been a bittersweet day, but they made it as sweet as could be.


Alicia & Brett's quirky gluten-free DIY wedding journey

This pair's wedding had nods to their journey toward each other and then together. Maps and globes, postcards from around the worlds, vintage suitcases and mini luggage made from Altoid tins, pedaling their getaway… the journey metaphor was everywhere. But that's not all. Two words: Wedding Cowbells.