Merlin's beard! A magical gay Huffleclaw wedding under the sea

A Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff don their finest bespoke outfits (including killer blue suit and gorgeous pink corset gown!) for this magical Huffleclaw wedding at a Dallas aquarium. It's under the sea meets Harry Potter meets ALL OUR DREAMS COME TRUE! Don't miss the Harry Potter house-themed cake, aquarium backdrop, and pastel flowers everywhere.


23 offbeat wedding themes that blew even our minds

One type of wedding that we feature heavily is a THEMED WEDDING. We love our theme-less weddings just as much, but sometimes a killer theme just feels so right. Is there a theme that hasn't been done? Surely. Are we game to see it? Absolutely. Here are a few offbeat wedding themes that blew our minds at the time (and maybe still do to this day!). Whether it was totally gorgeous, hilarious, outrageous, or just plain new to us, there have been some doozies.

Let this Lord of the Rings ring pillow carry the burden of the one ring for you

We know there's only one ring to rule them all at your wedding (or I guess two, probably). The ring pillow for your fantasy wedding had better live up to the theme, right? If you're a Tolkien fan like I am, this Lord of the Rings ring pillow will bind you to your fellowship of two like nothing else. Plus, have you seen how cute it looks with a tiny hobbit ring bearer…?


Two rings to rule them all: Our short Tolkien-inspired ceremony script

This is our short and sweet Tolkien-inspired ceremony script that even included a Pokémon reference. It's non-denominational and gender-neutral, which gives it a lot of flexibility. We included an introduction, a portion for honoring our departed friends and family, vows, placeholders for readings, a ring exchange, and our declaration of marriage.