Two ladies finally celebrate 20 years with a garden wedding in Utah

The Red Butte Garden in Salt Lake City was the garden backdrop to this "big gay wedding." They included their three children into all aspects of the day with movie soundtracks, a kids' table, glow sticks, and more. Other highlights included their gourmet grilled cheese bar, ice sculptures (with the couple as Minions!), a LEGO cake for the kids, a cake inspired by album cover art, and loads of succulents.


Be inspired by this multicultural fusion wedding (with a fire engine!)

The bride was living in Istanbul, the groom was in Mexico, her family hails from Scotland, but the wedding was to be held in England. Talk about a lot of Googling and Skyping to get this wedding planned! Good thing they had access to the groom's gorgeous childhood home and backyard to which they could DIY it to high heaven. Just wait until you see the bride's red sari, the Indian-meets-UK catering, and the amazing fire engine!


A daddy/daughter cake smooshing and emerald green dress at this Ohio wedding

Joanna and Keon shared a gorgeous garden wedding at Whetstone Park of Roses in Ohio complete with the bride's emerald green gown and colorful bouquet, the groom's killer socks and adorable bow tie, and "to infinity and beyond" cake topper (a favorite line shared by both the groom and his daughter). But the sweetest tidbit of all is the shared moment between the bride and the groom's daughter at the ceremony. Oh wait, maybe it was the daddy/daughter cake smooshing. Either way, there are some must-see moments at this Ohio wedding. Don't miss the seed packet favors, too!