Game of Thrones wedding details for your totally non-Red Wedding

You guys: season six of Game of Thrones happens THIS SUNDAY. Are you as excited as we are? I've remained very spoiler-free, but I havent' been able to resist thinking about our featured Game of Thrones weddings. I found more GoT wedding details that I had to share with you. I kind of want most of it just for my own use, but obviously it would all be killer at a Game of Thrones wedding. Just maybe keep the red and purple details to a minimum just in case? Let's peek at the edible dragon eggs, crystal crowns, dragon scale rings, and "wedding is coming" temporary tattoos.


Jess & Casey's dark, snowy fairytale in the mountains wedding

We don't even know where to start with this gorgeous shindig in the mountains of Colorado. You HAVE to see the dark, elegantly goth fashion (and makeup on the bride and groom), the nature-sourced, video game and movie-themed decor (Skyrim! Game of Thrones! Snow White and the Huntsman!), the snow-capped backdrops, and super awesome guest book idea that we've never seen before.