Beauty from pain: A cancer survivor's non-wig ways to rock being a bald bride

“Will you postpone the wedding until after your cancer is gone?” asked my friend the week I was re-diagnosed with lymphoma. My response was so feral it surprised even me. “Honey, come hell or high water, I am motherloving having this wedding, and you better motherloving be there because I don’t know how long I’ve got left.”

My cancer came back a few months before my wedding, and I wanted to use my baldness as an opportunity to recognize cancer's presence while living through it with beauty and joy. Here's my story…


Didn't love your wedding photos? This couple's post-wedding shoot turned regret into #goals

Sami and JJ had a large, formal wedding last May, but realized that their true vision wasn't really portrayed in their photos. Fear not: there's always a way to salvage the memories of that time, especially if you still have some gorgeous wedding garb and pretty scenery.

They decided to have a post-wedding shoot to celebrate the first few months of their marriage and snag a few amazing portraits along the way. The moral of the story is if don't love your photos, snag a few new ones in a post-wedding shoot and don't sweat it too much. Shall we see some killer post-wedding bliss?


We're heart eyes over this fetching San Francisco wedding in Golden Gate Park

The morning of Jake and Mandi's San Francisco wedding, everyone got ready at the Harbor Court Hotel, a waterfront hotel in the Embarcadero area of San Francisco. After their first look, the wedding party hopped on a classic San Francisco trolley to go to their ceremony in Golden Gate Park.

Don't miss the super sweet baby's breath flower crown, the paper-meets-real flower bouquet (with family pictures attached!), the family heirloom watch worn by Mandi from Jake's family, and some subtle Harry Potter detail magic.