White bridal shoes that work hard (including lots of flats!)

We all know that none of us here are into the "am I offbeat enough?" line of thought. My editors and all I feel pretty strongly that if you're browsing a website that features poly weddings, nerd weddings, and genderqueer weddings, then yes: you're offbeat. Stop fretting! Let's not get into offbeater-than-thou musings and instead let's just look at some white bridal shoes.


Care Bears, cupcakes, and skulls: Sweet and wild wedding flats from Iron Fist

One way to ensure a little more comfort in your tootsies on the wedding day? WEDDING FLATS. But you're not resigned to boring styles when Iron Fist exists. They have a shit ton of amazingly weird, wild, and straight-up adorable wedding flats to match your theme or just to add a little whimsy under a long dress. Whether you'll be rocking skulls or cupcakes, they've got you covered. Come peruse the styles I found to see if we can find your sweet or wild wedding flats.


Inexpensive wedding shoes as cute as they are cheap from Carol Shoes

If you're looking for high quality construction, luxury materials, and an impeccable fit, a pair of $22 shoes is probably not going to be your fantasy footwear. If, however, you're only planning to wear shoes for a day and you just want them cute and cheaper than a dinner at Red Lobster, Carol Shoes may be your jam. Let's take a look at these inexpensive wedding shoes that are high on cute, but inevitably low on quality (because sometimes that's just fine). I've got heels, flats, chunky oxfords, and lots and lots of toe bows…


16 pairs of wedding sandals for almost-barefoot brides

Raise your hand (or your leg), beach brides! Whether you're planning a destination wedding, beach wedding, or otherwise "hot place and you don't want to wear heels" wedding, you may be considering wedding sandals. Let's take a look at 20 pairs of my favorites, from gladiators to thongs to more fancy open flats…


14 pairs of slightly ridiculous wedding flats

It seems like whenever I do a post about wedding wedges or wedding boots or wedding pumps, the response will be "WHAT ABOUT WEDDING FLATS!?"

Offbeat Bride has an archive dedicated to posts about wedding flats, but based on comments I receive, they're clearly the wedding shoe that seems to get the least love. This in mind, perhaps it's about time to dedicate another entire post to the more comfortable end of the wedding shoe spectrum.