Gwen & Mark's geeky fantasy barn wedding

A countryside handfasting, geeky references all over the place, and sweet homemade touches (like the bride's handmade dress!) — this UK wedding is a dream for geeky lovers of gorgeous scenery. Add in some giant lawn games like Jenga and Connect Four and this turned into a seriously fun fĂȘte. Keep a look out for the Blackadder reference in the unity ceremony, too!


Elle & Bear's Welsh and Scottish clifftop wedding

This pair wanted to celebrate their faith, their family tartans, and their EPIC Scottish clifftop scenery. They had handmade tush cushions for sitting on the rocks, kilts and tails, and a really good way to mingle AND thank you guests after the ceremony. Plus, you'll love the way they handled some objections to their wedding planning choices.


Kirsty & Ollie's crafty autumn vintage wedding

An October wedding, vintage and antique details, and candidates for "most adorable bridesmaids" awards are awesome, but then you see the bride and groom. Birdcage veil, a tattoo sleeve, bespectacled dude… we're hooked. This UK couple knows how to be adorable AND throw an amazingly crafty shindig.